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  1. Jose

    What about the dynamics of the bass? How important is it. I know it all depends on the music genre but does it really matter if it’s all one volume since the bass has too be solid in every genre?

    • en

      Very good point, Jose. With bass especially, playing with the dynamics of each bass note has immeasurable effect on the energy and feel of the song. It’s also something that has a greater and more pleasing impact when used properly with bass as opposed to say electric guitar or keyboards, as they are already pretty expressive instruments. But in the right hands a mediocre bass part can become amazing and alive if the player has taken care to add the appropriate dynamics. That said, dynamics don’t always have to correlate to volume or amplitude. The third note played could be the lowest in volume to our ears but it may have a polyrhythmic bounce or subtle bend and lag in the note that gives the whole progression it’s feel. Or sometimes what’s omitted becomes the most compelling. A busy, predictable synth bass progression or a tired old scale walk can utilize dynamics to great effect with the rhythms and notes they skip, stutter, or omit rather than the ones they play.

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