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  1. John

    Awesome! Thanx!

  2. A-bomb

    Thanks for this :)

    • Leticia Trandafir

      Hey A-bomb!

      Glad you liked it. When you get a MIDI controller, let me know which one it was. I’m curious :)


      • 3248Comments

        Hello! I took a look at this list, and, found that I already own two of the controllers listed: The Launchpad Mini, and the Launchkey Mini! They are great products and I happily agree with this list.

  3. Justin

    What a list! I’ll take one of each…

  4. Dawman

    Definitely one of the Nektar Impact LX series!!!
    Thanks for the list.

  5. Chuw

    Im considering getting the m-audio code 25, what do you think? Great review btw.

  6. Bryan Mills

    For simply playing synth pads via chords (one pad one chord) with Cubase 8 using chordpads, which would be best for a non keyboard player. Have the Nektar, but the pads are pretty mushy. Looking for an upgrade with better pads. Thanks.

  7. Greg

    Got an Error 404 when I tried to download the checklist. :(

  8. Brant

    Thank you, Leticia. This is a fabulous, comprehensive view of what’s out there. It really helped me.

  9. Charlice

    Everything is here. No need jumping around different websites for the best midi controllers.

  10. OJK

    nice one. btw, it’s LC display or LCD, not LCD display (liquid crystal display display).

  11. Haz

    Great list!

  12. LJ MTX

    Really good list! DJ Tech Tools MIDI Fighter is one more to consider. Regular $250. $175 for Black Friday thru Cyber Monday.

  13. Alexandru Sereseoan

    Bravo, bun articol!

  14. Anonymous

    Out of all i like the auturia mini the best

  15. Lucas

    Thank you!

  16. jbz

    No midi fighter?

  17. Rick

    Spot on. Thanks!

  18. Anonymous

    Why people still don’t consider Nectar P series as one of the best MIDI controller?! They are truly the best MIDI controller under 600

  19. Zedy

    nice list! but I think M Audio CTRL is missing on the list.

  20. Donnie Duvanie

    I’ve added the Arturia Keylab 88 and the Nektar LX88 to my short list of first keyboard candidates – thanks everybody!

  21. Walt Gschiel

    I’ve got the Behringer UMX610 to control my VB-3 organ software which gives me some absolutely awesome classic organ sounds such as my fave, the Hammond B-3 that I’ve digitally modified for that Jon Lord “beast” B-3. Just love it!

  22. Lawkayt

    Akai mpk mini 25 key i think is the best

  23. Tree

    This is amazeballs! Thank you so much for putting huge effort into this list!

  24. Avalux

    Fantastic article. Incredibly helpful for grabbing a quick overview of the best at each tier and style.

  25. Anonymous

    Hi everybody,

    I’m looking for a good controller on the market but I just can’t find any with the specs I’m looking for. It is always the same story…… It has that and that but lacks something else I’m looking for. Do you guys and girls know a company that makes them the way you want and doesn’t drain my bank account completely?

  26. Valéry

    Is there a standalone midi joystick somewhere ?

  27. John Smith

    Nice information.

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