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  1. Kevin Gainer

    This is so awesome.. Thanks Landr!

  2. Robert Montgomery

    Well some are (try only) but I grabbed the freebies, I do not do enough synth to buy them at this point, but thanks, I always love a good free VST!

    • Tee Clark

      Thanks, I appreciate you.

  3. Kevib

    Thanks free VST’s are always amazing :)

  4. june

    the deed download doesn’t load anything

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey June,

      Sorry that you had some trouble with the download.

      The Dexed download should be fine, there are 2 folders in the top right of the page: one for MAC and one for PC. Click the folder to download the plugin!

      Hope this helps :)


  5. Wonjung

    Thanks for sharing this informative info.

  6. Anonymous

    These look freaking awesome – Definitely gonna try these out. Thanks Scott

  7. Austin Cox

    These look freaking awesome – Definitely gonna try these. Thanks Scott

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Austin,

      No problem! Have fun!


  8. Anonymous

    TAL- BassLine was exactly what i was looking for

  9. Kabuye

    Really? No Tyrell? In my oppinion the best free synth I have ever used in my life.
    I think you should definitly add it to your list.

  10. Davud

    Thanks dude

  11. Anonymous

    wow thank

  12. Stephanie


  13. bebee

    THANKs Scoot

  14. Chris Barker

    Hey, You all are great. I haven’t used any of the Free Masters you provide yet, But I’m almost there so i will be investing soon. Thank you for all you do. @Millennialaire

  15. Bob

    I’ve only tried Synth1 and Dexed, but I like Synth1 a lot. Only thing I don’t like about it is that sometimes it seems to do some funny phasing things, this is only an issue on pulsing basslines for me though. Not sure if it’s Reaper or Synth1, I think sometimes it doesn’t reset the wave cycle properly or something. Anyway I just print sounds and put them in a sampler and use them that way.


    Thank You! Scott Parsons, coz u’ve help me a lot.

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