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  1. J Tinderland

    Leticia, all your articles are so valuable that, when I start reading something incredibly didactic in this wonderful magazzine, I like to guess if it’s written by you…

    And it is!

    Thanks for everything.


  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for this Tip :)

  3. craig simon

    wow what a great , articulate read ! Super informative & understandable..great work Leticia !

  4. Rezwan Khan

    Which equalizer would be ideal for Electronic Music ?

    Thank you ?

  5. Scott Hunter

    Thanks, Leticia, another excellent article! I see that you DID address High- and Low-pass filters here, although briefly. Still, it was more information than I had on the subjects, so now it’s back to the mixing board!

  6. Luke

    when can we expect the next chapter of this? great article. thank you.

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Luke,

      Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the article.

      To answer your question, the next chapter is already out!

      Hope find it as useful as the first one. Enjoy!


  7. abritabroad

    Very, very well written just wanted to thank you

  8. Subhransu

    thanks leticicia for helping abot knowing eq better.i seriously needed it.👍

  9. Bobby

    THANKS Leticia this was great, I’m one of those song writer/producer guys that’s not the savvy sound engineer type I do a little mixing as i go along but these tips were extremely helpful Thanks again

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