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  1. Ángel

    Muy buenos datos para trabajar !!! Agradecido

  2. John

    I love this! MixGenius is already amazing, but now you’re blogging? Yes! This is fantastic and extremely helpful!

  3. Bill Madison

    Excellent post! Thank you!

  4. john dennis

    Thanx for the tips, especially using images to explain what you talking about,it helps so much!


    • Anonymous

      Thank you for tips

  5. Martin


  6. Richard Emmet

    For those of us doing production music and having the responsibility for both mixing and mastering – and who’ve been instructed to “make it as hot as possible” to compete in a tough market – what strategy would you advise for both making it as hot as possible AND preserving the sonic integrity of the final mix?

    Big question, I know.


    • Rory Seydel

      This post is meant to keep levels down pre-mastering, to create an amazing mix, post mix you can achieve hotter levels safely. Have you tried our High Intensity setting?

      • Etienne

        where can I find the ‘High Intensity setting’?

        • Rory Seydel

          Hi Etienne, it’s an option within the pro and pro-unlimited options. Let me know if that’s clear!

      • Anonymous


    • Eddie

      @Richard Emmet

      Unless your songs are on mainstream radio (which is still king for breaking an act), I wouldn’t worry too much about competing in a “tough market” .

  7. Normand

    Is it possible, once the track has been recorded, but te wave is far too large, no headroom space, is it possible to shrink the wave to make some space, or you have to redo the track and record it all over again? thanks for the 7 tips!

    • Rory Seydel

      Hi Normand, you don’t have to rerecord the track, but what this post is suggesting is to go back to the mix and make space by lowering compression and audio levels (summarized obviously).

  8. CliqueUK

    Also remember to choose the ‘law’ of your monitor level meters correctly. The default for your DAW channel may not display the percieved loudness of your mix, for instance I use Logic Pro and prefer to set my metering to ‘Sectional dB Monitoring’ try it and you will suddenly see how much your compression and limiting is affecting each tracks. When you see the meter levels you will soon want to mix more reservedly and so naturally have more headroom in your mixes.

    Clique Productions Studios London

  9. Jangala Roots Band

    Positive information Landr…it will help make things better. Thanks!

  10. Josh


    What a great read!
    Appreciate everything landr is doing for the industry!

    Allowing emerging artists to understand the concepts of mastering and giving us endless experiments with our mixes until we are happy!

    Great work and thanks so much!

  11. Vladimir Berlizev

    Yeah! This article is amazing. I like the point by dynamics and starting from the loudest part of the mix. Great. You know what? Post more please! :)

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks for this information. I have been talking your site up to fellow musicians all day. Great work.

  13. MB

    Due to limited reference possibilities, I find it hard to achieve the “right” amount of bottom end in my mixes. Can LANDR fix this problem for me?

    I am otherwise very impressed with what you do…. Thanks


  14. Calvin Cecil

    I can’t believe how you do it! I spent hours mixing but yours sounded better in 2 minutes! Very Impressed! I will be getting pro upgrade! Can’t wait to hear wav file mix! Hate mp3

    • Rory Seydel

      Thanks Calvin, we appreciate it man! keep in touch.

  15. 1050

    Great Job Rory on explaining things very simple for us all… Thank You :)
    Rock On
    1050 Studios

  16. Brent

    I played in rock bands back in the late 80’s (still gig tons with three different bands), and I have some audio tape “board taps.” I uploaded them as .mp3’s, and I received a “Whoaaah, your track is too loud to master” message. Since I have no control, I am disappointed Landr can’t seem to help me. I have many cassette tapes that are all probably “too loud.” Serious sad face. :-(

  17. Peter Svahn

    Thanks!! Very helpful….

  18. Peter Svahn


  19. Jake

    Got one right here with that problem, it was too quiet and now too loud. Anything I can do?

  20. Morgan

    I have spent so many hours reading and practicing mastering for my projects. Have never come close to sounding this good. LANDR is really awesome! Thanks!

  21. Adrian

    Always My biggest problem was mastering, I now understand how to achieve work in a more optimal manner headroom, thanks for the article, It is helpful.

  22. johny montana

    thanks for the tip pal , and again like i said before ..your the best we ever had ,knowledge is key “..keep up the good work buddy.

  23. Jonathan

    Personnaly i’make r&B, i tried yesterday to LandRing my mastering but the song isn’t more louder .. Just a little more color , but about louder nothing exept a little bit decibel more …

    How i can do ? I need help, i really wait to have a good result with LANDR for become a member ( pro )

    • Rory Seydel

      Hi Jonathan, the pro plan includes different options for loudness outputs! Upgrade and try the high intensity. You can always get in touch with

  24. fendy malik

    good info

  25. dominic

    good tips thanks! do you think there will be an option for 24bit masters in future?

    • Rory Seydel

      It might be in the works ;)

  26. SWIFF

    Just Like that…time to create some headroom. Good Looking Out Fam.

  27. John Flinchum

    I’m a guitarist and have been recording for a long time and would send off my tracks to a mastering lab and it would break me financially . You guys have solved a major problem in this industry. Your end product sounds amazing and is priced for success and is helping the mainstream. A very smart move on your part. It’s genius and I wish you so much success!
    Thanks so much. I’m using you exclusively for my CD project! You have made it possible to
    Release a CD so much sooner and I am forever greatful. My question is that on the credits of my CD, do I have permission to mention you as the mastering done by Landr ??
    Again many thanks. John C Flinchum film soundtrack musician, all compositions are based upon the guitar as the main instrument.

  28. Michael Reagan

    I understand all the theory here…makes alot of sense.

    My 1 question is.. if the mix should peak at -6 on the master fader, should the volume be set to the default of “0” on my Pro Tools master fader?

  29. Jaser Blades

    This is truly very helpful for me because i am just learning, i know a little bit about mixing and mastering but i still have a long ways to go before i become great at it. Thank you for posting this :)

  30. Tee Clark

    Great info.


  31. Anco Koens

    @ Michael: yes leave your mastervader om 0 db. When you lower your masterfader it will effect your mix in a bad way.

  32. altereva

    Thank you!
    This was very helpful!

  33. Ricardo

    Hi there, this post is really great.
    I have one big question.
    If i have a rough track and its almost ready for mixing, is it then a problem if i use automation on volume?
    Does that give problems for mastering?

  34. yamome

    You can go ahead and lower your master fader, DAWs these days have massive headroom for internal summing. What is usually being distorted is your plugins, use trim plugins to maintain unity gain throughout (around -18dbu to -12dbu)This includes trimming before hitting anything on the 2buss.

  35. Rayer

    I got the message about leaving headroom and transients but is a brickwall limiter not mandatory on snare and kick in order not to have the whole song kicked back at a conservative level because of those 2 elements hitting your mix above all other instruments, and one kick and snare simultaneously on one part of the song can give you a peak ruining the overall level if you don’t do any serious limiting before mastering?

  36. Omar Walker

    Hello Rory. I am a aspiring musician that is tired of my music sounding like it came from a bathroom stall. (quality wise). I have read your tips and was wondering if I could contact you for some business propositions in the future. If it is convenient for you.

  37. Anonymous

    Have read this article and the comments, the discussion page said your article was misleading etc etc, a singer song writer, guitarist,…I use Audacity to record and that has compressors levelers and so much more inc noise reduction, the point that there is no noise,..I love the simplicity of it,..much of the decibels rulers thing went way over my head, all I can say is,..I sent you two songs both different,..and you blew me away with the result,..I wish I had known about you guys before I sent my songs to Reverbnation,..and Youtube,..who knows I may just may have got more likes,..I wish I knew more as I run an open mic..called Fretz,..anyway..I had two so called soundmen,..on my Peavey mixer,..and they made it seem so complicated anyway got rid,..and I now do sound as well as compere,..and it is far easier then I thought anyone out there dont be put off by making it too I learnt with a mixer less is more,..I can now get my hundred or so self penned songs,..and using this amazing product forge ahead and really enjoy how my songs should sound, ty and I will pass this on to the many muso’s I have playing at my open mic,..but also up and coming bands,..I wish you all the success you deserve,..Ken Little aka Cowboy (stage name).

  38. Tommy M


    I have been using LANDR for less than a day and by putting things through the mastering process to see how it sounds before getting the mastered version is a stroke of genius. Lovin’ yer work here, Rory. I am in awe. Magnificent product.


  39. Henry H

    On listening to the original and then the master, it is a big difference. I’m so thankful that you have this available for us. This is a game changer. I will be more confident in my mixes. For a long time it would be a while before I would release my songs. Wish l had this option sooner. Blessings to you LANDR.

  40. Devin Eck

    Great tips.

    Thank you!

  41. Vukosi Manhengeni

    Awesome read. Thank you! Staying up all night, i’m reading everything here.


    Finally we can concentrate more on the production and let Landr take care of the mastering. More fun less work!

  43. Kathy Freeman

    Great post. It really helped me do a better job. Thanks so much for using plain language.

  44. PADDIMAN:::::::(patrick j darnbrough

    hola, your comments were very helpful and hopefully I can learn from them and upload a track that will meet your requirements,should’nt be too long now.cheers

  45. L-banga

    I appreciate the mix from y’all because of the quality. But from what I just read u now understand how I mixed the songs down. I still was impressed by landr’s mix and will put the landr version on the mix tape. From the info I was given I will adjust the next tracks I send in the future. Thanks landr.

  46. Marc Höpf

    oh, many thank’s!

  47. iz

    I think the first thing to work on before anything else is learning the difference between a “Producer” and a “Composer”. If you don’t even know what your job is, how can you know anything else? Way too many people seem to be lost about what it is they actually do, which sounds ridiculous, because, well… it is!

    If you make beats then your a composer, not a producer. Producers are on the business side of things, whilst Composers are on the technical, along with Engineers, Arrangers and Mixers. Most professionals don’t even want or like the Producers stepping foot into the trenches (coming into the control room). Their job is their job, our jobs are ours. Plain and Simple.

    If you don’t think it’s a big deal, try getting a job as a Cop calling yourself a Fireman. Cause you’ll never get hired in a real studio, lol.

  48. Lloyd Massett

    First time i tried LANDR i sent two songs! and was like Whaaa!!! i ended up sending 16 or maybe 20!!!
    I am a Musician: Bass player, Guitar, Composer, Song Writer of Music and Song 36o degrees of Popular Music (Pop) it’s All go-Time to go Pro.
    LANDR takes the pressure off!! makes One work more with the Fun n Vybz intact!!! and Connects Artist’s and Bands to the World!!!!!!! Well done LANDR Big Up!!! LIVERPOOL

  49. Syabonga bRIAN

    I Lake what I see so I AM incraesting to get more of it

  50. BBB

    Awesome tips, defo will apply this to my mix… LANDR is the place to be

  51. Brad

    Wow…I learned my mistakes ahaha

    Thanks for the wonderful tips

  52. SJava-Lava

    Hi Support,

    Just a quick one, my mastered versions sounds more reverbed than the mixed version which is not to my liking, do I need to add reverb on my mix or not at all as it seems like your masters has the reverbs already. Another question will be to suggest if you can add a Genre templates so that we can choose prior to a final master?


    • Scott Parsons


      Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your master, that shouldn’t happen.

      Please contact our helpful support team at, they’ll get your problem sorted out in no time flat :)


  53. Phareed

    Keep these valuable posts coming !

  54. Sagie Govender

    Tks excellent presentation

  55. Anonymous

    thanks, you answered my main concerns regarding headroom

  56. Sandeep Gogate

    I am an orchestra singer. I make my own vocal tracks in nuendo 4 and i send it to various organisers . I am also interested in making voice overs. I want to request you to send me the names of various sites which provide guidance with reference to nuendo 4.

    Thanks and Regards


  57. luiz

    Excellent article. Congratulations! Thanks!

  58. JR Tlhape

    So clear and helpful. I’ve had so many problems with clipping audio.

  59. J4C Music

    Thank you guys for newsletter about the ‘headroom’ , the article was quite help full. looking forward to drop my track here on LANDR really soon!

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