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  1. Billy

    Hi !

    Very good article, I’ve learned lot of things.

    I have a question about “pan”. I heard that sometimes it’s better not to push too far to max L or R (as -100/+100 on Cubase) and “center” a bit as for headroom. The reason being the “master guy” cannot add “stereo” to the mix. Can you tell me more about that ?


      LCR panning is used by many top mix engineers. By that I mean panning elements either perfectly center, or 100% left or right, and no “in-between” panning. And of course the “master guy” can add more stereo width to your mix, regardless of your panning choices, as long as you have stereo elements in your mix.

  2. Cody

    How do I actually submit my music to you guys for work?

    • Rory Seydel

      Just drag and drop your file to!

    • Rory Seydel

      Hi Cody, it’s very simple. Go to, drag and drop your track. Get an instant preview and sign up for a free account!

      • kalel garcia

        Is it possible to purchase landr for a month and not a year?

        • David S.

          Yes. There are both options available for monthly and yearly subscriptions. I do monthly.


    This was very useful my masters are starting to get better and better. I finally figured it out BEATSLANGERZ. Thanks Landr

  4. David Blackwing


    one quick question, that is the best sample rate in your opinion for vinyl.

    • Rory Seydel

      Hi David,

      Standard is 24bits / 44.1kHZ – stereo

  5. irv williams

    dame ..this the best mix program i ran into….got my songs sounding good..album status for me recording and pre mixing then landr..the ish it is

  6. Minh

    If I want a big reverb sound on my track, should I add it in prior to Landr?

    • Rory Seydel

      Yes, most definitely

  7. zuka

    Hello, sometimes loudness of my mixes is too low, because in every chanels instruments gain is redused. If i volume up my mix with master limiter to -6 DB, my mix will be crushed for Landr mastering?


  8. el fuu


  9. el fuu

    thanks to dis page i sound amazine

  10. Luke Dirkse

    Should I use multi band compression on the master track before landr?

    • Anonymous


  11. Nicholas

    Before sending to a LANDR master, do I add the reverb to my vocals, pan the sounds I want panned and do the designing part of the song, or does a LANDR master prefer I just do the recording and send it raw and untouched?

    Sorry if my next question is not that clear. How will I be sending my music files. For each song I submit, am I submitting each vocal track (file) separately as well as the instrumental as its own separate track (file)? Or do I submit the song in its entirety so that LANDR mixes and masters the song in its entirety form and not mix and master each track (vocals and instrument) separately? I hope I’m explaining this okay.

    • merlo

      You’re supposed to do your own mixing.. All they do is Master it for you. Mix your track, bounce it out. Go to their website and upload it for quick mastering.

    • Dlish

      So what is the answer to the second part of Nicholas’ question ? When suggesting drag and drop to Land r is that file by file or the entire group of files which constitute a entire song ?



  13. nahte

    Perfection!!..all needed in one article,now to practice.

  14. Jerry

    I finally understand the transient and headroom deal. Thanks Landr folks for helping me get it right…..nuff said

  15. Liam

    until i read this article ive been making a huge mistake trying to make my mixes as loud as i possibly can without clipping. Thank you so much for opening my eyes and for the learning curve, i will be definately upgrading my account and paying for unlimited mastering

  16. Bob Thompson

    You stated that the faders should peak at -6db or less. Does this also include the busses?

    • Rory Seydel

      Overall master…

  17. MrSheddy

    wow this is very useful… i just tried it and it gave me the real professional touch that i need on my song… but is so unfortunate that you only gave two free trial chances. we in Nigeria dont use credit card and i dont know any other way i can pay for it. we only use ATM debit cards here. so how do i get it or is there anyone here who can help me master two tracks with there account? mrsheddy @

  18. M.Killa

    Thanks this was helpful!

  19. Josh

    I need help! I have used this site countless times by now and have had pretty cool results. I have a mix that is “too loud” according to landr, after I attempt to master it. This is the only mix out of maybe over 100 mixes I have used on this site where this is coming back to me like this. I have checked all of my meters and they are peaking at the -6db range, including my master fader. After countless attempts and new mix after new mix I can’t seem to figure out why landr is telling me it’s too loud to master? Any help, ideas, or advice would be a blessing at this point. Thanks!

    • Rory Seydel

      How much compression do you have on it overall?

  20. Anonymous

    Good reminder :) Thank you!

  21. German Chachshin

    Good article & reminder, thanks )

  22. John Deathvalley

    Thanks alot for the Transient explanations…Like you said it’s not good an old pizza on a microwave! if i have just one observation, Landlr may had be better for the reduction noise (the room silence, the white noise…) Mybe i’m wrong? Otherwise, Landlr is a real good Equalizer, thanks again (excuse me for my english i’m french)

  23. Ed

    I don’t know much about mixing. I read what you say but it doesn’t mean much because I don’t understand it. I am currently using Finale Print Music to write and record my music, and the mixing capacity is very limited to what I can do. For example, it only allows to control volume up to a point, pan, & reverb, and that’s it. There’s no EQ or compression, so to experiment and try to learn is impossible. So, is it an advantage or disadvantage when it comes to mastering with LANDR? Thanks, any advice at this point would be helpful.

    • Rory Seydel

      Hey Ed,

      Don’t your thing as you normally would and then run it through LANDR. But I’d highly suggest checking out a traditional DAW like Logic, Ableton, Protools, Studio One, Bitwig. You need more options!

  24. Anonymous

    Thanks for the update and most valuable explanation that is usable.

  25. Anonymous

    bump that im saving this to my favs . so I can look back over, and over , and over , and over ! well you get the pic !!!!!!! Worrrrkkkkkkk

  26. max blomqvist

    I just need to take a moment and say that im so thankfull. This is literally the best thing that have happened to me in a while. I have now been able to really finish my tracks and they sound so proffesional! Thank you so much!

  27. ken little

    Sent in two tracks,..came back spot on, very happy,..shame i didn’t find this before I sent my songs to YouTube, Soundcloud and Reverbnation….ah well..I will now ty soo much,..Ken Little.

  28. Vanessa Challis

    Do I add the reverb to my vocal before I send the file to you or do your require a ‘dry’ vocal leaving me to add the effects afterwards?

    Many thanks

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Vanessa,

      You can absolutely add reverb before you submit to LANDR. :)

  29. Manoj Kumar

    U help to this site so really thanks for u

  30. The "Silver Conductor"

    MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this. I am musicLuvn this. What a real game changer. Learned so much. It’s like a mini music masters degree in one article if you take what you’ve read and apply it.
    The SC.

  31. marco trevisan

    Dear LANDR Team!
    Essential info very much appreciated and kept in mind for next time, cannot repeat this one, just came out of the blue and monitors along with unreliable software values plus my lack of experience ruined, once again, an idea…It’s ok, especially now, made aware of above issues, thanks!

  32. Javier Soqui

    Thanks for the tips. I`ll be sure to check out the LANDR blog more often.

  33. Devin Eck

    This is helpful. Thanks for the tips. Thanks for the awesome mastering program.

    Much love.

  34. Rudy

    Sorry i’m very young and new in whole this,i got most stupid question probably-which format of mix is the best to send for mastering? is it wav?

  35. Rochon Ross

    Ok I will try and remember what you said and hopefully I`ll get it right on the first try. I`m new at this but I have a love for making beats.

  36. mike kabemba

    Very interesting subject I will like you guys to keep me on touch and we will work together .

  37. Dlish

    As per Nicholas question part two, does one submit a song recorded in Reaper as a rendered wave file which is a group of ” files” which constitute the song? OR are you suggesting each “file” of the entire song be sent separately? Thank you in advance. The blog is helpful.

  38. Spencer

    Hi, does Landr volume match albums projects? Thanks!

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Spencer,
      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I’m excited to hear you’re thinking of mastering your album with us. That’s great!

      LANDR doesn’t currently do traditional album mastering, so I’m not able to guarantee precise level consistency throughout your masters. That being said, many artists use LANDR for their album mastering and get great results! Sometimes it may take some slight adjustments afterward, that’s all. :)

      Often the best approach is to use the same intensity for all songs. However, there could be some exceptions. For example, for a given genre (Pop, Rock, etc.) you might choose Medium Intensity for everything, but if one of the songs is a ballad you would be better off using the low intensity for that one.

      Experiment with various intensities and see what works best for your project.

      Hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you need anything else.


  39. david

    why can’t i log into Landr

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey David,

      Thanks for getting in touch :)

      Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. If you’re still unable to log in, please contact

      They’ll be able to figure everything out no problem. Hope this helps!


  40. Sandile

    Thank you Rory. This is really good.

  41. Donovan West

    Thanks for the article! I’ve reached the point where as headroom has been getting in the way of the my quality of sound. I don’t suppose you have an article on mixing mp3 with unmastered vocals..?

  42. Jordan

    Should I apply a master fader to my mix before bouncing and submitting to landr? Or just bounce with no master and let Landr do that??

  43. Trevor DNG

    Very useful am looking forward to work with you guys I’ve learned a lot today.

  44. alfredsello

    I am actually new in this site…didnt know about it it before…i was actually strugling to get someone to master my tracks..hope i will get the best results in this…..looking foward to work with u guys…actually a nice article

  45. Lewis

    How is using a limiter on the master fader before sending it to landr a bad idea. I just did it and test it out my final hiphop track in various speakers and they all sound awesome…. but I’ll consider that the next time though.

  46. Alex

    Should I avoid using all compression prior to mastering with LANDR – how do I know if I have over compressed my vocal tracks? I have used an AUMultiBand Compressor in Logic and made sure no dB ranges were clipping on all individual vocal tracks – is there a rule of thumb for when I should/should not use a compressor on my individual vocal tracks?

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Alex,

      Thanks for getting in touch. It really depend on the specific circumstances of your track.

      I’m gonna direct you to our support department, just send your question to and they’ll make sure you’re able to get the most out of your LANDR master.

      Hope this helps!


  47. Jose

    What is the best intensity level for ambient music?

  48. Brad

    very helpful article…
    I learned a lot, and I can’t wait to improve my sound in the studio.

    Thanks a lot.

  49. Branko Osavkovic

    Fantastic way to improve your experimental home recording, just send your music to,, Landr ,, for mastering and your songs will sound better.

  50. Curt KO Bangz

    Question: I mixed my own song kept good headroom and mastered it and its at a good level it looks loud enough and still not over 0db now when i’m done mastering and i’m at the point where I need to pull the song back up to export in 16 bit wav file before I convert it to mp3 how do I get the volume back to where it looked like when I mastered it I tried setting the volume of the mastered song to +3db it came back looking a couple dbs lower then I tried raising it to +6db and it came back looking the same but it did sound louder WTF???? Help Please how do I get my master back to that same looking volume plus have the right volume before converting to mp3 do I just normalize and leave my master at 0db????

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Curt,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your master, that shouldn’t happen.

      If you could forward your issue to our helpful audio support team will be able to sort out your problem for you in no time. :)

      Hope this helps!


  51. Demetris

    I have a limiter on the bass and kick but I keep those channels under -11db and the master at -6db. Would that be ok?

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Demetris,

      Thanks for getting in touch, great question.

      What you do to the mix you upload is entirely up to you. The best way to use LANDR is to upload your mix, chck the master, then go back to the mix and fix the parts that might need some attention.

      So if you upload your mix with a limiter on your kick and bass, and your master turns out good, then that’s the recipe!

      Everything in our guides is recommendations, at the end of the day what you upload is entirely up to you :)

      Hope this helps!


  52. Herb Moon

    Really like it just did a test on one of my song…was impressed… Will be using you…Thank You..Herb

  53. mark

    where can I easily upload an audeo mix…

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Mark,

      Thanks for getting in touch! Go to and simply drag and drop your mix to upload it.

      Hope this helps!


  54. Anonymous

    Excellent tips. Very helpful in explaining the meaning of technical terms for understanding concepts.

    • Scott Parsons


      Thanks for the feedback! Happy that you found value in the article!

      Happy mastering :)


  55. Anonymous

    just tried it. great!!!

  56. LÜC

    One of the simplest yet most comprehensive explanations of simple mixing instructions. Thanks Rory.

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