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  1. Steve

    Can someone explain why there’s not 24bit or even 32bit mp3? we are not limited by cds anymore..

    • Tommy

      You can actually feed higher than 16 bit to some MP3-encoders. If you’ve got a decent MP3-decoder you may even get higher quality than 16-bit. E.g. 24 bit. You might want to check out LAME for encoding and a player supporting MAD (MPEG Audio Decoder) for the decode

  2. Illuminated records

    Mp3’s are widely accepted as they are because they capture what they need to without being too big of a file, with more bits obviously comes more audio samples overall thus increasing the size of the file. Not really an expert on files and what not but from what i understand .wav files are the go to for greater bit depths because they represent the sound about as accurate as a file can get. hope i helped.

  3. TapeJunkie

    Lol this was extreamly helpful ive seen dither plugins before and was like [what is this… its not doing anything!] Ive been making music for a good few years, I use compressors i know how to get the results i want but i still dont know how the ratio and threshold work. Could landr explain? This was easy to understand. If you could help me understand compression id be very greatful!

  4. Puggy

    Totally with you on the compression bit!!

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