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  1. JA Mitchell

    Thais has been the most informative piece of info Ive come across since I first downloaded fb. Thank you very, very much.

  2. Jaime Sainz

    Nice article!

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks Leticia, that was really helpful and easy to understand. :)

  4. Tarquin

    Hi , don’t you get phasing problems when duplicating the signal for parallel compression?

  5. S_W

    These are the best explanations of and use-cases for compression I have ever found on the web. And without the need for audio samples too. Thank you!

  6. Anonymous

    Nice one, good to refresh a bit some basic stuff into our heads!
    Thanks Leticia

  7. Brian Langtry

    excellent style and clearly laying out options and particularly like looking through bright window at what can be a tricky area. many thanks and now need to try it all out!!!

  8. Carl Riis

    i love this site!!

    • Scott Parsons

      Thanks Carl!

      We love you and your music :) Happy that you’re liking it.


  9. Mike Knapp

    Good stuff. Would love to see one covering bass. Thanks!

  10. Matias

    YES! Thank you so much!

  11. Jack

    You guys continue to publish really informative articles. Appreciate it!

  12. Jpcougul

    Nice literature. Great advices, and propositions. Compressors are the nerve of the sound. Before to know how to use them asks a lot practice.

  13. skysplitter

    possibly the most helpful simple explanation of using compression i have ever read

    thanks for this

    • Scott Parsons


      Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate it. Glad you found it helpful. We’ve got a ton of new articles planned this year, so stay tuned for more!

      In the meantime, happy producing!


  14. don

    this article is great. Im not a comment guy but I wanted to let LANDR know I want more stuff like this

  15. Meester Djos

    Thank you so much Laticia, that’s what i was looking for.

  16. tyler

    great job on the article. best one for compression that i have come across. this kind of content makes lander stand out.

  17. Anonymous

    Is Leticia actually real?

  18. Matt Bissett-Johnson

    That was a great article, that actually had something helpful to say. Awesome work.

  19. Scott Hunter

    Excellent article, with a lot of good information for both beginner and experienced mixers. Thank you, Leticia! How about something on hi- and lo-pass and AU filters?

  20. chen

    Thanks for this~!!

  21. Jim Fogle

    This is a well written article. The explanations are informative, clear but concise. How to fix five common problems section is great. I hope you will ask Ms. Trandafir to write some more articles.

  22. marco agosta

    I will make all my interns read this. A flip card cheat sheet could be very helpful?

  23. COrentin

    Hi Leticia and thanks for the article.
    Do you use the Glue Compressor on Live?
    What’s the difference with the Compressor? and how I have to set it?
    Thanks !

  24. Paulo

    Excellent article!
    I’m a true fan.

  25. Mpumezi

    I’m enjoying reading this article i love it

  26. Anonymous

    Sincerely appreciate you for the time, labor, effort and dedication to help community, with such professional and lucid style of explanation, great job!

    • Kenny

      very informative

  27. teddy

    pls can I use a single compressor to compress my overall mix for my live sound…if i say overall mix I mean both vocals and instruments, ,and if yes then how do I connect it and set for a good sound.? pls help!

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Teddy,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Please feel free to contact with your issue.

      They’ll get you sorted out!


  28. Tom

    Excellent, thanks very much for the clear and informative blog post!

  29. Phareed

    If I ever win a Grammy, one of the people I am thanking is Leticia Trandafir.

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