1. arghtee

    Great read. Sometimes it is nice to see some simple stuff just to see how others do it, and to have it explained in simple English.

    • Anonymous

      nice words

  2. Pro Tip

    Sounds like you have mixed up the “finished” example with the “before” example. of kick n bass.

    • Anonymous

      So it wasnt just me haha

  3. David

    Thanks! I’d forgotten how simple it is.

  4. Tommo

    hey, love this site… very helpful

    Is there a way of using ableton plugins (like the compressor) in a DAW like FL studio ?

    Thanks, Tommo

  5. WilliamTog

    I loved your article post. Really Great.

  6. c hoover

    I love it it’s nice to know that great job guy’s.

  7. Teaganbear

    I prefer Autofilter Side-Chaining because you can get a cleaner/fatter sidechain, a more ideal punch when ducking out the Lows or Highs (I always use LP24 or HP24 when Autofilter Side-Chaining to pop the lows out of an instrument whenever the kick happens) as opposed to ducking volume.

    I find using a Sidechain Compressor to be extremely frustrating, because it always comes super close to sounding like what I want, but never getting there exactly. Sidechain Auto-Filtering FTW. O:)

  8. 👑King David II

    Thanks a lot. Never tried sidechaining on my mixes. Always relied on eq and vol balancing. Helpful post indeed.

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