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  1. Brad Peterson

    Leticia Trandafir:

    Great roundup. I found myself pasting the product names in a separate youtube tab (to hear them in action) and downloaded several of these. Thankyou.


    • Anonymous

      Same here, nice collection!

  2. Shearwater

    Great review, there’s some vst there that were under my radar, thank you!

    Let’s make some dirty music!

  3. theo

    Really good ! thanks ^^

  4. GearJunike

    Supreme article! 😀👍🏻

    Plz make one for pad synths and ambient/atmospheric

    • Scott Parsons


      Thanks for the great suggestion! We will absolutely add those to the list :)

      Happy New Year!


  5. K Hill

    Yeah I downloaded the U-He – Tyrell N6, along with other vst suggestions here, and… what an incredible synth! It’s right up there with Rob Papen’s Predator and other AU/VSTs you actually have to pay for. I can’t believe the company is just giving it away. Anyways, it’s my new favorite go-to. Cheers, and Thanks!

    • Nathan Chisholm

      its great but needs more presets but ok for free. does use alot off cpu too

  6. MG

    TB ReelBus is not actually free, it’s $20 but the demo has full functionality although settings are NOT saved with your session so unless you always remember to set them exactly as you had them before you open your session your mix will be off every time. The plugin sounds so good I just went ahead and paid the $20 as it was money well spent. You can’t get good tape emulation that is 64bit at this price range anywhere that I know of.

  7. Andy

    Best site ever !!! Thanks LANDR ! You are the best!!!!

    • Scott Parsons

      No, YOU’RE the best! Thank YOU! Happy to be there for ya’ any time.


  8. sinau

    thx u

  9. SedemMixBeatzGH

    U guys really making my studio works a bit easier for me these page is dope happy to be here

  10. Guilherme

    Thanks for writing and listing such useful tools, confess some must not be there. Really apreciate the idea of sharing good software.

  11. Anonymous

    thanks for the good work!!

  12. Shiv

    Bro Thanks For THIS ALL,God Bless YOu

  13. Qaos55

    Being a LANDR user for all my mastering of course I had to check out these free VST recommendations. Yikes! I had no idea how many cool ones were free. Thanks for leading me in the right direction.

  14. Anonymous

    Thank Leticia Trandafir

  15. Prince Joe

    Seriously, Leticia, i am not only enjoy your collection, i am just in love with them

  16. Anonymous

    Thanks a billion for this… :-)

  17. Chitta Prasanna


  18. arun

    v nice

  19. Hatem Music

    Very Very helpfull ! Thank you so much ! ;)

  20. Spencer Music

    Nice collection…..

  21. zacky

    awesome page

  22. Edward

    Thank you to the moon & back 👊✌

  23. Armand Kouassi

    Congratulations thank for lesson

  24. baran

    thanks thanks thanks

    • G The Prodigy

      Awesome list! I’m going to download everyone!

      More options the better!

  25. Anonymous

    awesome , im loving it

  26. fabtex

    Great Blog thanks for sharing and keep rocking

  27. Anonymous

    Love it! I wish there were a condensed list version in this same page though. So i don’t have to scroll through with all those images and additional text. I just wanna find these in youtube and listen to how it actually sounds.

  28. X-mas Marandi

    very nice

  29. spargo

    wow! Amazing Sounds

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