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  1. PaveLow

    Very helpful, thanks :)

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    Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Very explanation!

  3. Kieran

    Really clearly written article with a lot of helpful pointers. Thank you!

  4. Jk

    I was surprised by this considering all the hate I read about landr’s one-click masterinfg. This piece was full of simple and useful tips!


    muchas gracias mucho exito!!

  6. Anonymous

    Great article Parsons!

  7. Luke

    super helpful follow-up article. Thanks a lot!

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    • Ashikur Rahman

      Simplistically explained in the best way possible…Nice…

  9. Wicak

    This word “Certain sounds might even sound ‘bad’ when they’re soloed. But when they go off in the whole mix they’ll sound peachy. It’s what good mixing is all about—especially when it comes to EQing.”, was answered my question for a long ago. Thanks very useful!

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