Best New Gear of the Year: The 11 Top Picks from 2022

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2022 was a strong year for new music gear releases.

With dozens of incredible products debuted, it was tough to choose just a few top picks.

But over the course of the year some truly exciting new equipment stood out.

From plugins to effects pedals to modules, synths and apps, there’s something on our best-of list for every producer.

Whether you’re on the hunt for an inspiring new tool, or just here to check out the gear, here’s our team’s top picks.

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1. Strymon BigSky Plugin


Strymon’s BigSky reverb has beeen a mainstay of pro pedalboards for years.

It’s no surprise that the classic pedal found its way into studio workflows via reamping techniques.

This year the Strymon team made a splash in the gear community by releasing the BigSky’s coveted algorithms as a VST plugin.

Now producers get access to its signature ambience styles with the convenience of a DAW.

Want to put a BigSky on every track in your session? Now you can!

Want to put a BigSky on every track in your session? Now you can!

2. SynchroArts RePitch

Next-gen vocal processing.

Next-gen vocal processing.

SynchroArts is well known for its suite of powerful vocal processing plugins.

2022 saw the debut of their flagship pitch correction tool—RePitch.

Offering the same stellar quality that made classics like VocAlign into industry standard tools, RePitch promises top-tier pitch editing with natural sound.

If you’re looking for a vocal editor and haven’t tried it out yet, you might find it

3. Oberheim OB-X8

The pinnacle of polyphonic analog.

The pinnacle of polyphonic analog.

Synth pioneer Tom Oberheim is back.

The reinvigorated Oberheim brand released their first synthesizer product in decades with the OB-X8.

Combining the greatest hits of the brand’s engineering heritage with modern features and build, the OB-X8 is the analog polysynth to beat in 2022.

With a jaw-dropping sound that screams classic Oberheim, the OB-X8 is an exciting development for any synth fan.

Peggy takes us through inspiring free synths.

4. Eventide H90

The dual engine successor to the H9.

The dual engine successor to the H9.

Studio effects wizards Eventide are back with a major update to their pedalboard multi fx with the H90.

Boasting two complete H9-style engines configurable in flexible routing combination, the H90 expands on everything that made the original a hit.

Ditching the earlier version’s app-centric control scheme for a desktop-based editor and additional front panel controls, the H90 is the best way to experience the Eventide sound in a pedal.

Not only that, the H90 comes with nearly a dozen new effects algorithms exclusive to the platform.

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5. Pamela’s PRO Workout

All-purpose clock generator for your modular rig.

All-purpose clock generator for your modular rig.

Pamela’s New Workout has been a secret weapon of savvy modular synthesists for years.

The latest update, Pamela’s PRO workout, promises to be even more popular.

The unassuming module handles all kinds of clock-related tasks in modular systems and can even be used as left-field sequencer and euclidean rhythm generator.

At only 8 HP, Pamela’s PRO Workout can fit into even the most compact setups.

If you made the plunge to modular synthesis any time in the last few years, this is a module to watch!

6. Sequential Trigon-6


Synth design legend Dave Smith tragically passed away in 2022.

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But his colleagues at Sequential honored his legacy by completing the release of the Trigon-6.

Conceived as a kind of missing link between Moog-style architecture and classic polysynths, Trigon-6 has a unique sound.

If you like the idea of a 3-oscillator, ladder filter powered polysynth, Trigon-6 could be for you.

Peggy breaks down beginner synths.

7. Ableton Note

Ableton's first iOS app.

Ableton's first iOS app.

Ableton surprised the music tech world this year with the release of their first iOS app for music production.

Note is a mobile musical sketchpad with familiar sampling and sequencing workflows.

It’s intended to help you capture creativity wherever it strikes.

With classic Ableton-style sampling, Note turns your phone into a powerful field recorder and beat workstation.

Its easy integration with Live means you can quickly shift your workflow from mobile to studio with little friction.

8. Korg Drumlogue


Korg expanded its successful ‘logue lineup in 2022 with the Drumlogue.

The compact drum machine is designed to bring the power and simplicity of the Minilogue synth to groovebox hardware.

With a powerful engine that includes both analog and digital voices, drumlogue’s flexible sound and sequencing workflow make a fresh new contender in the rhythm hardware

9. Audient EVO 16


The audio interface market seems to get busier every product cycle.

But Audient’s EVO range of compact interfaces stands out from the rest.

Building on their decades of interface design expertise, EVO units come in I/O configurations up to 24×24.

With sleek modern design, USB-C connectivity and excellent sonic performance, the EVO range is worth a look if you’re shopping for a new interface.

10. Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII

Cooper FX joins the Chase Bliss team.

Cooper FX joins the Chase Bliss team.

Every producer’s idea of the perfect lo-fi sound is different. For some, it’s the distinctive flavor of a degraded VHS tape.

Before joining Chase Bliss, Cooper FX founder Dan Majeski created one of the most widely loved instant lo-fi machines with the Generation Loss.

Anthony's picks for the best lo-fi plugins.

Based on the unique flavor of a degraded VHS tape, the Generation Loss became highly sought-after following the announcement of Cooper FX’s closure.

This cult classic pedal was reborn in signature Chase Bliss style, complete with ramping, dipswitches and presets.

Every producer’s idea of the perfect lo-fi sound is different.

If you couldn’t lay hands on an original Generation Loss, the MKII Chase Bliss edition could be for you!

11. Meris LVX

A new chapter in delay technology.

A new chapter in delay technology.

Superdelays reached a new peak with the Meris LVX.

After two years of development, the Meris team debuted the advanced ambience workstation in 2022.

Described as a Modular Delay System, it promises to go beyond traditional delay into creative sound design territory.

With extensive tweakability, pro quality signal path and easy-to-use UI, the LVX has set the standard for the next generation of creative signal processing.

Happy new gear!

There’s no doubt that 2023 will bring even more exciting new tools to make music.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t snap up any of the excellent products on this list in the new year.

No matter what genre or style you create, there’s some here for every producer to get excited about.

So here’s to another great year of gear!


Various contributors from the LANDR team of music mentors.


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