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    • nazir

      hot dowloandin

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks a whole lot. Very useful.

  3. Nicholas

    That’s for your Help , I’ll be Working with you y’all soon again , Try to put together some Nice music Projects!!!!



  4. Nikko

    So DOPE!! Thanks for sharing

  5. Manuel

    So good! Thanks a lot

    • James deeds

      If you dont have landr.. Then u better get it.. Ive had it for like 2 years.. And it is remarkable.. Not only do they do what they say the do.. But they also help you learn to be better. I love you landr

  6. Anonymous

    I tot dey r all trial

  7. DeltaVistaStudio

    I have a few of these and had forgotten about them. I’ll definitely be digging them back out for a group I’m working with currently.

  8. Anonymous


  9. Anonymous


  10. Anonymous

    thank you very much

  11. Andre Allenberg

    Thank you. Anytime you want to come to our Topanga Canyon compound you are invited

  12. Adun S.G

    Thanks… so good…

  13. Aubrey Mumbi Drex

    thanks this is perffect

  14. Your name

    tanx for not keeping such tip only to yourself

  15. Ben

    This is possibly the most useful piece of mixing verbiage I have ever come across.

    Huge thanks for the links, you’re a hero.

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Ben,

      Thanks! Happy that you’re finding the links useful.

      Appreciate you and your music!

      Stop by anytime. :)


  16. Jom


  17. dmd

    you guys are amazing

    • Leticia Trandafir

      Hey Dmd! Thanks ;-)

  18. suraj chaudhary

    thank you so much for this….
    i am indebted to your website……you work is wonderful …and you support all musicians

  19. Jinx Jones

    Thanks Guys , great to have some safe freebies :)

  20. Rapha


  21. Anonymous

    Great news have done a great job for producers guys keep it up

  22. Anonymous

    Good Plugins

  23. Pio

    Thanks a lot guys.

  24. Ry Girl

    I can’t thank you enough for this!

  25. Martin

    Thank so much guys! Peace.

  26. Anonymous

    Great job.

  27. Slick

    Thanks man for the tips

  28. Slc of Disorbit

    Nice finding a place like this just when I’m in the phase of working on my vocals and looking for various tools to modulate, twist, turn and mutate my groans and sniffles.

    Downloaded a few things from the links, eager to try them at home for my industrial and ambient noisy stuff.


  29. Richard

    This is fantastic. Thank you for the research and sharing!

  30. Burak

    thanks for gathering the info. good day

  31. Jerby

    I am a newbie in recording. Thanks bro. Ill try this at home. Thanks for the tips.

  32. ClydeStride

    This list is much appreciated. Thank you for your time!

  33. N

    Was very helpful and insightful article, it covers everything I was looking for with vocals for my track

    Thanks :)

  34. Vlaque

    cool stuff

  35. Anonymous


  36. producer Lameckboy Kenya

    thanks, very helpful

  37. Cesar Salcedo

    I love landr. So much…

  38. Gideon Amos

    How can I download.

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Gideon,

      Thanks for getting in touch :)

      There is a link to download under each of the plugins. Just follow it and you’ll find the download on the next page.

      Hope this helps!



    how to download this plugins?

  40. Mkh Wayne

    Highly appreciated,thanks a lot for this…am downloading Now!!!

  41. jonny kemod

    thanks a lot!!!

  42. Anonymous

    Excellent! Thanks, Happy New Year!

  43. djchris

    Thanks a lot, God bless you

  44. Anonymous

    So cool, thanks!

  45. azmat ahmed

    thank you soooooo much with loads of love……

  46. Ian

    excellent, thanks

  47. Anonymous

    thank you so much for this. cheers from texas!

  48. Oladipupo Daniel

    thank you

  49. King Aphro

    I wish I knew how to use all this :(

  50. Jerica Bello

    thank you

  51. Take8

    cheers mate! Prime

  52. moses

    woooww thanks alot

  53. Anonymous

    you can everything as long i’ve music,i’ll be fine,whetre’s POP ,ROCK’N’ROLL,andCOUNTRY Music these day,come Guys give me my music.

  54. Anonymous

    this is great stuff!!!!!!!

  55. Timothy

    cool I need more vet plz

  56. Jah Cloudy

    Thank you very much. I need more

  57. Barry

    Nice looking plugins

  58. Aj

    So helpful
    Thanks for sharing it

  59. Pritti shu


  60. Pray Eddy

    It is useful

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