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  1. jsquire1331

    That Softube Saturation Knob and SGA1566 are two of my most used plugins for saturation. The 1566 really glues guitar parts together nicely and adds some shine on them, while the Softube is great for adding perceived volume without clipping your mixing bus.

    • Dave Prendergast

      Hi jsquire1331, Interesting Comment.

      I am a producer also and just out of interest when you say ” The 1566 really glues guitar parts together nicely and adds some shine on them”

      do you mean that if you have 3 or 4 different guitar parts running at the same time and send them all to the 1566 on a bus send then it helps them glue? or would this only apply on each individual guitar sound?

  2. Jen

    do you have any recommendations for using vst plugins in logic?

    • Leticia Trandafir

      Hi Jen! Thanks for your question.

      I double-checked and all the plugins in this list come in the Audio Unit (AU) version. That’s the plugin format that is compatible with Logic.

      If you’re not sure how to install it, have a peak at the chapter in the Logic manual that talks about plugins here


  3. Premo

    Your amazing thx

  4. Stary

    thank you very much

  5. Soundabsessed

    Once again a great article by Leticia! Thanku!!

  6. Theo Beats

    “The key with analog emulation is to avoid overdoing it. Bring in the effect until you hear it, then dial it back a notch.” – Always good to have a reminder, too much of a good thing will kill you :’). Thank you for a great article, really enjoying trying these plugins out!

  7. chris kemp

    what happens if free plugins start going wrong or create problems? With makers like Waves you can ring for assistance but can the free ones seriously mess things up for you?

  8. Dave Cool

    All I have to say is LANDR, you are AMAZING! Love you guys!

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