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  1. Robbie Now

    The biggest positive effect I had on latency, engine crashing, # of effects, VSTs, etc was swapping out my spinning hard drive to a solid state drive. Unbelievable difference!

  2. Nick

    You can also export a pattern that you’re happy with to .WAV, disable the VST and import the .WAV again. Far less CPU required to play a .WAV

  3. Chris aka Royale Blue

    Solid state hard drive upgrades and memory upgrades in my 13″ MacBook Pro have deemed the most successful so far in my ongoing struggle to fight “DAW lag.” The “wifi off” tip is great also. Good article thanks Landr.

  4. Xavier

    Thanks for the read!

  5. Brett

    Convert Midi to Audio! As quick as you can. Huge diff.

  6. Jimmy

    Great Tips…Thanks


    As usual, straight forward, nice & easy way to speak to new producers! Love your blog guys!

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