16 Free Sample Packs Every Producer Needs in 2024

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16 Free Sample Packs Every Producer Needs in 2024

Getting started working with free sample packs is exciting.

Nothing feels better than loading something unique and new into your sampler or DAW.

Anthony shares sample chopping advice.

But finding free samples today isn’t always easy.

If you want to make money from your tracks and distribute them on Spotify or YouTube you have to make sure any samples you use are cleared and royalty-free.

Fortunately, there are generous royalty-free sample libraries that offer excellent cleared samples and loops for free!

Here’s a few free sample packs at the top of our list.

1. Free Starter Collection

Product image

Everything you need to start a track

Get the Free Starter Collection

Find everything you need to start your next track—drums, melodies, vocals andmore all for free.

Try them out in Creator or download them to your DAW.

If you’re looking for a starting point for something new, start here.

2. Beat Maker Lo-Fi

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Start your next beat with free samples

Get Beat Maker Lo-Fi


There’s a lo-fi beatmaker in all of us, but to tap into your most chill inner self you’ll need some keys, bass loops, drums, and hi-hats.

The free samples in the Beat Maker Lo-Fi samples collection are the perfect jumping-off point to try your hand at lo-fi beat making.

Get this sweet little lo-fi beat construction kit for free and start making lo-fi beats today!

Our favorite sample from the pack: Chords BuriedAngelAmp

3. Blinded by the Beats

Product image

Inspired by The Weeknd

Get Blinded by the Beats for Free

Inspired by retro-futurism in pop music, this darkwave inspired sample pack is ready to inspire your next pop hit.

The pack reference’s The Weeknd’s major hit Blinded by the Light and pays homage to the synthwave music of the 80s.

You some great synth loops, 80s style gated drum loops and a few melody loops to round out this creator-friendly sample pack.

Our favorite sample from the pack: AATD2_Synthwave_Melody_Loop_104bpm_KeyFmin_Pad_Dirty

4. Free Lo-Fi Samples

Product image

Find lo-fi inspiration

Get Free Lo-Fi Samples

Lo-fi beats might be the internet’s most popular genre.

This hip-hop-inspired genre is known for relying on a lot of sampled material, so why not grab this curated pack that’s perfect to round out your dusty lo-fi collection.

Get grainy loops, chunky drums and interesting chords and melodies to sample.

Our favorite sample from the pack: COY_Panacea_Keys_105bpm_Bm

5. Free 808 Samples

Product image

Find huge 808s for free

Get Free 808 Samples

Get huge 808s to round out your trap , hip hop and electronic production sounds.

These 808s are ready to slam speakers and make the club rattle.

Our favorite sample from the back: SCY007_ 03_808_C

6. Free House Samples

Product image

Start a house track.

Get Free House Samples

There is so much history and subculture in house music production, so if you’re getting started you need some juicy sounds to sample.

This pack comes with bouncing drum loops, ethereal synth sounds and some great vocals to round out your house sample options.

If you’re getting started with house music production start here.

Our favorite sample from the pack: House Drums 11 Minimal 1 122 BPM

7. Polymer

Product image

Esoteric sounds to sample for free

Get Polymer

Sometimes adding a sound effect sample like an airport scanner, door closing, or squeaking polystyrene can add a special layer of ambiance to your track.

In Polymer there’s a handful of interesting SFX samples available for free.

You’ll find a selection of well-recorded foley sounds, sound design effects, and more!

Our favorite sample from the pack: 1-polystyrene

8. 50 Best Free Synth Samples

Sometimes it takes one special synth pad, lead line, or bass tone to inspire an entire track.

Sometimes it takes one special synth pad, lead line, or bass tone to inspire an entire track.

Whether you need a loop or a one-shot for your track, the 50 Best Free Synth Samples pack is a great place to start.

The pack offers synth sounds for any genre including trap, lo-fi, EDM, dubstep, hip hop and more!

Our favorite sample from the pack: Juno 60 Bass

9. Butter Beats

Product image

Smooth and buttery samples

Get Butter Beats for Free

EDM fuses with rap to make a palette that’s ready to inspire some buttery smooth pop hip-hop.

The Butter Beats sample comes with handful of EDM inspired loops that somehow fit perfectly with a pretty sweet rap acapella.

Plus the whole pack was made to be used with Creator, so you can easily start trying ideas out and hearing how things sound together.

Our favorite sample from the pack: DIVA_Balaclava_Vocal_08_140BPM_WET

10. 50 Best Free Kick Samples

Product image

Add powerful kicks to your track

Get 50 Best Free Kick Samples

Craft your next hit with a collection of over two million exclusive, royalty free hooks, loops, FX, vocals, beats and more. Try LANDR Samples

Finding the perfect kick can be a challenge. It’s not always easy to find the perfect balance of woof and thump.

If you’re on the hunt for a cool kick drum to add to your track, check out the 50 Best Free Kick Samples sample pack.

The pack is perfect for any genre. It comes with long 808 pulses that work for trap, crunchy acoustic sounds for lo-fi, and thumpy kicks for eletronic music.

Our favorite sample from the pack: LONG TAPE KIK

11. Dusty Lo-Fi

Product image

Add free lofi inspo to your tracks

Get Dusty Lofi

Making good lo-fi beats comes with a few requirements–dusty hissing vinyl, crunchy basslines, and odd acoustic percussion are a few staples that come to mind.

If you’re getting started making lo-fi tracks, the free samples that come in Dusty Lo-Fi are worth your while.

You’ll find lots of lo-fi inspired options for your drum rack, keys, guitars, bass and more.

The pack also works as a lo-fi beat construction kit so you can get your track started in no time.

Or favorite sample from the pack: Haviitz Get Out GtrBridgeRake

12. 702 Rocker 

Product image

Rock out with free rock samples

Get 702 Rocker

Take a peek behind the production genius of Alan Parsons—he’s worked with many British greats from Paul McCartney to Pink Flloyd.

In this incredible free sample pack, you’ll find recordings of raw drums, guitar, organs, synths and sax—perfect for adding some vintage flare to your tracks.

Don’t miss your chance to play with material from this music production wizard.

Our favorite sample from the pack: GuitarLick2-pt3_keyAmin

13. Nonstop Creator

Product image

Unstoppable, inspiring free samples

Get Non-Stop Creator

Here’s a Trap-inspired sample pack that draws a lot of inspiration from the production style behind Drake’s sound that was invented by Noah “40” Shebib.

You get some chunky high hats, a huge bass synth loop and another great rap acapella to help fill out your arrangement.

As the name suggests, Nonstop Creator was designed to work well with Creator.

So, once you add the loops to Creator it’s easy to keep adding other sounds to hear how your ideas sound together.

Or favorite sample from the pack: Caviar_trap_vocal_loop_90_dance

14. 50 Best Free Vocal Samples

Product image

Finding inspiring vocals

Get the 50 Best Free Vocal Samples

A quality vocal sample can be all you need to take your track to the next level.

A quality vocal sample can be all you need to take your track to the next level.

Humans have a tendency to latch on to sung vocals, so finding a good hook can do wonders for attracting audience attention.

Finding a vocal take that suits your track can be very hard, fortunately, this free vocal sample pack comes with 50 options to choose from.

Our favorite sample from the pack: 3-part Harm 1b-_keyCmin

15. Say So Disco

Product image

Free disco samples

Get Say So Disco

If you’re looking to produce something dancy and fun take a look at this disco-inspired sample pack.

Say So Disco comes with some great funky drum loops, a groovy bass guitar loop and some chunky funk rhythm guitar.

The free sample pack really does a great job of hinting at the common tropes you heard in a lot of disco music!

Our favorite sample from the pack: LANDR_AJB_Bass Guitar_13_keyEmin_115bpm

16. Tech House Melodics

Product image

Start a tech house track with free samples

Get Tech House Melodics

Straight from the beaches of Ibiza and the nightclubs of Berlin, here’s an excellent tech house-inspired sample pack.

In Tech House Melodics you get some chunky drum loops, really trippy vocal loops, a bassline and some oscillating synths.

If you’re looking to inspire your next club banger, give Tech House Melodics a spin!

Our favorite sample from the pack: ES_KLDCP_Synth_Loop_02_Wet_Cmin_128bpm

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