1. Nick Dwyer

    As a subscriber to your fab online mixing service I want to let you know that I produce lots of free packs of samples and presets for Ableton’s instruments here at http://www.flintpope.com
    Kkeep on keeping on!

    Thanks for sharing these great sample packs here.


  2. alex

    what an incredible free stuff. thanks a lot

  3. Mike

    Don’t forget Beta Monkey Music for drum loops. I have them for many different drum styles.

  4. Nikki

    Hey Scott, with all the difficult challenges we producers writers and artist’s face in the entertainment industry it is indeed a second wind for us all when others provide us with positive weapons. Thanks a Massive Scott Editor. at LANDR. and all others providing links here for free downloads. Cheers. NikkiyihaSwan

  5. Anonymous

    Thnx for the cool free thingys, Im only starting to do stuff on Audacity ,every little helps ….:)

  6. Anonymous

    Very thankful for all that stuff. Peace :)

  7. Zachary Treble

    S/o Scott Parsons!

  8. Dimitrios

    Appreciate the resources and all your other info you send via email.

  9. Louie Ablett


  10. Pasha

    thank you bro , u were so helpfull ! god bless

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