12 Free Loop Packs to Inspire Your Next Track

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12 Free Loop Packs to Inspire Your Next Track

This year LANDR Samples is putting out collections of free loops that are built for Creator—the brand new beat making tool for LANDR Samples.

If you haven’t checked Creator out yet, you definitely should—it’s totally free to use and it’s super intuitive for piecing together new beat ideas.

Here's an explainer on how Creator for LANDR Samples works.

Here's an explainer on how Creator for LANDR Samples works.

With Creator, you can hear how up to eight loops from LANDR Samples sound together with the help of time-shifting and pitch-shifting technology.

So no matter what key or tempo your loop is in you can easily transpose it and hear how it sounds with other loops.

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Find a backing beat to start from.

Get the 50 Best Free Drum Loops

It’s an incredibly useful tool for quickly sketching out new beats directly in LANDR Samples.

To help you get started with making beats of your here’s a handful of free loop packs that are designed to work perfectly with Creator.

1. Viral Drill Beats


Let’s kick this list off with some free drill-inspired loops.

Blazing fast high hat loops, 808 loops that’ll blow out your stereo and some brooding synths fill this drill-style loop pack.

Get all the fire you need to start your next drill type beat, for free!

Our favorite sample from the pack: AADDT3_Trap_Bosswave_Drill_Melody_Loop_KeyC

2. Trap Basics


Trap is built using a handful of basic ideas—it’s how you work within those lines that will make your track stand out.

A great way to get your next trap track started with a handful of samples that already have a ton of flare on their own.

Trap Basics is that free sample pack you need to get your trap sound dialed in.

Our favorite sample from the pack: AALT_Trap_808_Loop_165bpm_Fmin_Emotions

3. Titanic Trap


The Titanic Trap loop kit is the perfect pack for building your own trap beat.

If you open the pack in Creator you’ll see what I mean—you have plenty of options for adding interesting risers, synth lines and booming 808 kicks with these loops.

My favorite part is definitely that vocal sample, it brings everything together and adds another dimension to the beats you could create with these free loops.

There’s also a free loop in there from the inventor of drill music himself—Young Chop. So definitely give that one a listen!

There’s also a free loop in there from the inventor of drill music himself—Young Chop. So definitely give that one a listen!

Our favorite sample from the pack: FL_CAT_150_Vocal_Loop_Chop_Way_Amin

4. CR2 Build a Beat Kit


Here’s a free loop pack with some super dancy and fun options for starting off a killer house track.

You get bouncy kicks and bass loops and stabbing keys to get the dance floor moving.

Plus, there’s some incredibly useful vocal chops in there for adding soulful oos and aahs to your house mix.

Of course, these loops combine nicely in Creator—and you can add more to hear how other loops from LANDR Samples sound with the free loops in this pack.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Bass_Loop_1_keyCmin_124bpm

5. Deep House Rollers


Here’s another house music inspired free loop pack.

Get the percussion loops, bass lines, keys, and an entire vocal melody loop to start your next house track.

These loops are perfect for building a stripped-down, minimal house mix—and they’ll work for lot’s of other EDM styles too!

Just listening to the loops in Creator inspires so many possibilities and ideas for where you can take the free loops.

Our favorite sample from the pack: 18 Vocal – Dance 02 – 121 BPM – Fm

6. Tech House Melodics


Here’s one more free loop pack that’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you like producing house or dance music.

Even if that’s not your bag, there’s some pretty interesting arpeggiated synth lines that are worth your time.

Tech House melodics focuses on faster-paced samples and also includes a great drum loop for heavier house styles.

Of course, if you don’t like the fast pace you can always use Creator to slow down the tempo of the loops to your liking!

Our favorite sample from the pack: AAEL_Tech_House_Zoom_Lead_Loop_KeyAmin_124bpm

7. Dirty Projectors – IVO SHANDOR I


Here’s an absolutely incredible freebie directly from the mind of Dirty Projector’s Dave Longstreth.

IVO SHANDOR I contains a ton of free loops that’ll absolutely get your creative juices flowing.

You’ll find interesting synth melodies, odd percussion loops, entire quartet recordings, trippy vocal chops and much, much more.

If you want to sample the work of a critically acclaimed producer, this sample pack couldn’t be a better place to start.

If you want to sample the work of a critically acclaimed producer, this sample pack couldn’t be a better place to start.

Our favorite sample from the pack: String Quartet _keyCmin_78bpm

8. LANDR Care Package


When the world shut down in light of difficult times last year, we weren’t about to let a global pandemic stop artists from creating.

That’s why we put together an awesome care package of free loops and samples to help keep you inspired during this challenging time.

If you still haven’t taken advantage of this expansive pack, definitely take a moment to dive in and check out a great selection of loops that are here to inspire and get you back in the studio.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Yelp 2 (edsclusive)_keyF#min_138bpm

9. PANTONE Color of the Year 2020


Here’s another great high-quality free loop pack that you should definitely take a moment to sift through.

PANTONE partnered with LANDR to create a sample pack for its color of the year 2020—Classic Blue 19-4052.

Blue has always been a part of music—especially in jazz and well… the blues.

So, the loops in the pack are part of an effort to answer the age-old question—what does the color blue sound like?

In this collection of free loops and samples, you’ll find melancholic lo-fi melodies, colorful synth lines, laid back percussion loops and much more.

Our favorite sample from the pack: COY_Droplet_Guitar_105bpm_Bm

10. Vaporwave Shadows – Pat Gregoire 


Vaporwave Shadows is an extensive sample and loop pack with plenty of inspiring free loops for your next vaporwave production.

You’ll find airy ambient loops, warm vintage synths and punchy drums that fit right into the vaporwave canon.


The pack is a great starting point for a vaporwave style track. But, it also has plenty of applications for ambient tracks and dark techno styles too.

Our favorite sample from the pack: soaring bird pad_keyF#Maj_109bpm

11. From My House to the Warehouse


Here’s a handful of great free loops for all the acid house lovers out there.

This pack comes with everything you need to make a funky acid house track.

You’ll find synth loops with that classic squelchy high resonance sound, some pretty chunky bass loops and the hard-hitting drum loops acid house is known for.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Acid 6 Filter Play Squelch Synth Loop_keyEmin_135bpm

12. Supplements Vol 1


For the ambient and experimental artists out there who are constantly on the lookout for cool synth sounds, give this free loop pack a look.

This pack is chock full of interesting synth pad sounds, glitched-out percussion and arpeggiated melodies.

These are some really cool loops to have in your arsenal next time you sit down and write an ambient electronic style track.

Our favorite sample from the pack: wobblingsynth_keyAmin_90bpm

13. Free Melody Samples


Adding a melody to any beat, whether sung or played on an instrument is a great way to add movement and fill out on the top end of your track.

These free loops will sound great over any beat you make in Creator, so grab the pack and start creating.

Definitely start here if you’re struggling with adding sweet melodies to your tracks.

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