1. Andrei Samsonov

    Great Job! Rock on)!

  2. Anonymous


  3. Tom Brückner

    Thanks, this is a pretty interesting collection. Already knew Helm, and I love it!

  4. Jose Cosin

    Excellent work. Really interesting. Congratullations!

  5. Ian Craig

    Haven’t come across these ones before. Thanks for that :)

    • Anonymous

      You have just saved me countless amounts of nerd’n out on the interwebs, probably money too…thank ya

  6. Anonymous

    Very cool I need one

  7. justin

    big want to try these now

  8. Kevin

    Yes save me countless hours of Nurding out on the inter-webs, probably some loot too!

    Thank ya!

  9. Kevin

    You have saved me countless hours of ner’n out on the inter-webs and prolly some loot too! Thank ya!

  10. Glen

    really good stuff guys
    in a sea of dubious ‘the best ____’ lists, this list will inspire more than most

  11. Miguel R


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  13. Rob Van Der Guy

    Good material !!
    Thank You.

  14. Lapierre Gérard Clément


    Merci pour vos conseils éclairés.

  15. rozzy

    many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. MadWlad

    This is dope! Keep this kind of list alive… strange shit’s making me creating new things all the time!

  17. Anonymous

    Yo thanks fam respect

  18. Harold Jr(DoT)

    I actually have used Triple Cheese in many of my projects….good stuff!

  19. Alex

    You guys are awesome

  20. Krush Jr.

    Thank bud.. These are amazing..

  21. Kuiper

    Thank you very much!

  22. A. Goebel

    Hello, i wanted to use the asian things from alan vista. There is one dll. file and one mse. I put them both into my flstudio plugin folder. I opended fl and searched for maybe chau gongs. Then fl told me that rhere were no instruments found. Could you please help me ?

    • Guv

      The mse should be in a folder with the same name as the the dll within your plugins directory.
      i.e. if the dll is named “Chau Gongs.dll” the mse should be in a folder named “Chau Gongs.instruments” if it isn’t then no instruments will be found.

  23. Prashant verma

    Every mach vst sir reply

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