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  1. Elitenment™ (Austin)

    This was an excellent read. I’ve been utilizing this exact methodology to enhance my mixes ever since I cut my first album (which was slightly dry). From my second release forward I’ve been using the advance ability of applying reverb, however; I like the way you’ve described reverb for me. I love how you talk about creating “space” and depth in our sonic mixes. In graphic design and fine art fundamentals, space and composition are perhaps the two most important factors to consider about your design besides the subject itself. Thank you for such a well versed explanation. It brought me new detailed insight to a tool I’ve been using for over a half a decade now.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks, great ideas

  3. Yung Gee

    you guys are doing a great job. thanks for all the tip. hope to learn more from you guys

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