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  1. Tony Griffin

    Here are a couple of more tips: (1) exaggerate words to the point of being absurd. Then, ask yourself, “What can I do to this word (phrase) that seems right to you, that fits other parts of the song: (2) Do what’s’ called a “random entry.” Pick a word or object that has nothing whatever to do with the rhyme, or word, or phrase you’re trying to fit to the song. Ask yourself, “What are the qualities or features of this object might apply to this song?” Remember the oject must not be related in any way to the object you’re trying to fine-tune.

  2. Daan Andriessen

    Set up a synthesizer with a sample & hold modulator in the filter cutoff. Play one note and listen to the sound from the other side of the door.

  3. derek richardson

    have foreign films playing all the time, with the sound off,then when you get stuck for a lyric, just write down whatever it says on the t.v. south east asian horror or sci/fi works best for me.

  4. Anonymous

    Great tips except for the “Diamonds” analogy. What a repetitive piece of crap. If this song has gone platinum so many times it is a comment on the mentality of the listeners.

  5. John Cart

    Brian Wilson didn’t write ‘Feel Flows’.

  6. Bertrand Bouyer

    if *YOU’RE stuck, not “you”

    Very good article otherwise

  7. Anonymous

    Just do what I do, and naturally be the best song writer on the planet earth……oh wait, hahaha only I can do that

  8. Ruth Greenwood

    My tips:
    Pick two random people from your contacts — what’s the most intense thing one would want to say to the other?
    Right as you wake up groggy and half-dreaming and when utterly exhausted before bed — fatigue is my drug of choice for writing

    I love your list. Good winnowing. I often write my best lyrics while listening live to someone else. At a place like the Bluebird Cafe it makes me a little nervous to write them down. But I try to look like a reviewer or like I’m checking my calendar.

  9. cylnekicko

    If i want to write on cheating, i transfer ma minds in dat world of cheater & i could see them cheating, how they do it….

  10. vive

    Great one.Thanks man

  11. Antonio

    It’s normal to hate you own lyrics? hate you voice? hate your ability? and still be a good song fos someone.
    Just make what you can, people love shit.

  12. Robin Nixon

    If you find yourself using an adjective, swap it for a verb. A verb moves the song along while an adjective simply describes the noun following it (Pat Pattison suggestion).

  13. Rachel Smith

    These r good

  14. Anonymous

    Listen to music backwards, your favourite and your own. Brand new melody lines and effects appear that are moreorless unique and a gift to the palette.

    • Scott Parsons


      Yeah that’s a great idea actually! Thanks for sharing. Always a love a nice palette gift every now and then.


  15. Manasseh

    Great tips and techniques. Can’t wait to get started on each one of them.

  16. Loverboy

    Basically is songwriting a bit like writing a poem essentially?

  17. J Jig Cicero

    Thank you for this! Very informative.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  18. J Jig Cicero

    Thank you for this! Very informative.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  19. Brian

    Mike Love wrote”Good Vibrations.”

  20. Alex

    Great list! I have a cheap keyboard and mandolin that I refuse to learn how to play, so when I’m stuck I fiddle around with them until something comes out. With instruments I can actually play I fall into familiar patterns, so switching it up helps with happy accidents!

    Also, sometimes I ask friends to give me a topic and I make something up on the spot. Some of those songs turn out pretty good!

  21. ren kay

    smoke pot.

  22. Anonymous

    Love this <3

  23. Bob

    Another good Idea is to take a famous song and change every word in it, but keep everything else the same. (The beat, the way it’s sung.) it really works! I went busking today and sang my song that I used Justin beiber’s ‘sorry’ song to make! And I got heaps of money and everyone loved it

  24. Flibbet White

    You can also take one radio and turn it right down. To the point where its almost inaudible. Music starts to sound quite different and new patterns emerge.
    My other favourite, is to take a MIDI file and reverse it. With a bit of mucking around one can derive something new

  25. Edouard Bronson

    I think all the suggestions are so right and can serve as a gide to a song righter .

  26. Steve G

    ‘If it worked for Tom Waits, it’s definitely worth trying.’

    You are being sarcastic, right?

    • Teddy

      Huh? Tom Waits is an icon. Also. He is god.

      • Anonymous

        what? Tom Waits is a well known singer

  27. Peter Babu

    after reading those tips?am feeling alive can’t wait to implement the to actions and then reap the reward. wow!never better

  28. Dior

    Thanks for this :)

  29. Annmarie Warburton

    Thanks for ideas how to brainstorm when writing a song

  30. Jeremy Davis

    Rory, thank you !! This is the page of tips I’ve been searching for . Amazing stuff here. Jeremy -Australia

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