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  1. Joe Namikas

    Great info, right on the money !

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Joe,

      Thanks for the feedback! Happy that you like the guide. :)

      Good luck with all your songs!


  2. Gerardo

    I love all the help you guys provide. Please keep these up! I am always exited to read them. Thank you!

  3. rodney allen

    Love it, Great info.

  4. Vincent Thompson

    I have seen uncountable posts on writing a song, but this post is amazing and the best one i have ever heard. Your post contains all the points in descriptive manner and these are useful to all songwriters who are looking forward for showing their talent to the world.

  5. Kenneth

    Omg very useful and informative, thank you!

  6. Hardi GB

    Thank You so much.. This is so helpfull for me..

  7. Juan Antonio Salvio Martinez

    Time to begin! Thank You!

  8. Maroos

    good ideas thanks

  9. Emmaline

    Such a helpful page, especially thankful for the app recommendations!

  10. Morlebi

    This is lovely.. I like it..

  11. wolfie playz

    this is a good tutorial!!😲😲

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