Songwriting Courses: The 6 Best Online Courses to Learn Songwriting

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Songwriting Courses: The 6 Best Online Courses to Learn Songwriting

Songwriting isn’t known for being easy. It takes time, practice and skill to hone your songwriting craft. So it’s no wonder that so many artists are interested in taking online songwriting courses.

Sometimes, getting another songwriter’s insight, additional theory knowledge, music production or general philosophy on songwriting can help inspire new ideas and cure writer’s block.

But, with so many online platforms making huge claims and offering paid classes, what are your best options for learning songwriting?

In this article, we’ll explore a handful of options for learning more about songwriting. We’ll look at free songwriting courses and a selection of high-quality paid options.

Let’s dive in!

What are songwriting courses?

Songwriting courses can offer a variety of instruction styles. They range from teaching basic to advanced music theory, song arrangement, lyric writing, inspirational advice and more.

Online songwriting courses are typically facilitated through a video and often feature chapters and exercises each student can work on to memorize and hone their skills.

How do artists benefit from songwriting courses?

Depending on the style of course, artists can benefit by receiving guidance through the writing process of a song, mentorship about finding inspiration and expert advice on music theory-related topics.

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The ultimate goal of any songwriting course is to give artists confidence in their songwriting and the knowledge to craft better, more captivating music.

Are songwriting courses free?

The ultimate goal of any songwriting course is to give artists confidence in their songwriting.

Yes, some songwriting courses are free. Ad-supported platforms like YouTube are great places to look for free songwriting content, discussions and educational advice.

Some songwriting education platforms outside of websites like YouTube may also offer a collection of free starter courses that anyone can try before committing to a paid enrollment.

The 6 best songwriting courses right now

There’s many songwriting courses on the internet, but not all of the are made equal. Some are more worth your time, money and energy than others.

Here’s the seven best songwriting courses we’ve come across so far.

1. LANDR Premium Courses

LANDR launched its Premium Courses education platform earlier this year.

We’re a little biased, but I truly believe the courses offer a ton of excellent, instructor-led knowledge with chapter-based learning progressions.

The courses cover a wide range of topics from songwriting to music theory, music production techniques, music promotion and much more.

Best of all, LANDR Premium Courses come bundled with LANDR Studio subscriptions—meaning you get access to a ton of tools to help you write, produce and publish your first tracks.

On top of the courses, you get access to over 30 plugins and software instruments, unlimited mastering, unlimited digital music distribution, Ableton Live Lite, 1,200 royalty-free samples and much more.

We’re constantly adding new tools and features to LANDR Studio, so considering all this comes on top of a selection of well-curated, professionally led songwriting courses, I think it’s a great deal.

Get the knowledge and skills you need to write better music.

2. YouTube

YouTube has long been a go-to for free songwriting courses and music education content.

Peggy shares her tips for writing great music.

Peggy shares her tips for writing great music.

You’ll find everything you can imagine, from basic music theory courses, discussions about songwriting, inspiration, music production ideas and so much more.

If you’re looking for a place to start, head over to the LANDR YouTube channel and check out all the songwriting, music theory and music production content we’ve produced over the years.

But there are many great channels to check out for music theory instruction and inspiration.

Some personal favorites include Adam Neely, Ricky Tinez, Red Means Recording, Andrew Huang and 8-Bit Music Theory.

3. The LANDR Blog

Okay one final LANDR plug before we dive into some other options. You’ve already found a great place to start learning about songwriting, it’s right here on the LANDR Blog!

We’ve written a ton about the topic, so feel encouraged to browse our topic categories and read up on all things new and interesting in songwriting.

We have a number of guides for starting your first song, making music, finishing your tracks and beating writers block.

Whether you’re looking for out-of-the-box songwriting tips or a think piece on lyric writing, keep up with the LANDR Blog and get daily inspiration.

We’ve even got a blog newsletter if you want ideas, tutorials and inspiration delivered to your inbox weekly.

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You probably haven't tried these songwriting strategies yet. Read - 23 Ridiculous Songwriting Tips That Actually Work

4. MasterClass

You’ve likely seen the ads and noticed some powerhouse names gracing this impressive education platform.

MasterClass truly lives up to its name, offering classes from successful A-list mentors.

The well-produced videos feature thorough classes that carry you into the minds of top-tier talent, helping you understand how legendary songwriters, musicians and producers think about their craft.

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Looking to learn music production instead? Read - The 9 Best Online Music Production Courses to Grow Your Skills

If you can handle the pricier subscription fee you’ll get access to some pretty impressive courses—on a wealth of topics well beyond songwriting.

5. Berklee

Berklee is easily the biggest name in music education. The legendary academic institution has seen countless household-name musicians pass through its halls.

And while admission to its hallowed halls makes for a prestigious invitation, for a number of reasons it’s simply not possible for everyone to go to Berklee.

That’s why its impressive collection of online courses make for an excellent and fairly comparable substitution.

If you’re ready to commit to a deep and intensive learning experience, Berklee has a ton of expertly taught music theory and songwriting courses that’ll certainly take your music making to new heights.

And considering what admission fees to prestigious universities tend to go for in the United States—the subscription price to its online courses is much, much less by a considerable amount.

6. SoundFly

SoundFly is another online learning platform that offers a ton of great music production, composition, songwriting courses and much more.

It uses a modernized interface and also features instructor-led, chapter-based lesson that are designed to encourage self-directed learning.

The platform’s educators even include music production and jazz funk heavyweights like Kiefer, Andrew Huang and others.

You can even opt for 1-on-1 mentorship with a dedicated instructor.

For a solid learning experience via online courses and instructor-led progressions, this is a great option.

Learn music, write songs

Music making is hard, there’s no doubt about it. But nothing worth doing was ever easy.

If you take time and dedicate yourself to an attitude of practice, learning and creativity you’ll be well on your way to writing your best music.

Remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination. So, keep stock of where you are, how far you’ve come and where you’re going.

Now, start learning and write your next song!

Alex Lavoie

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