25 Music Ideas, Tutorials and Tools You Can Use From Home Right Now

25 Music Ideas, Tutorials and Tools You Can Use From Home Right Now

Time and space is a key ingredient for growing and nurturing your production skills.

And the gift of free time is a special opportunity to learn something new about making music.

Here’s 25 music production tutorials, topics and ideas you can learn right now from home.

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Get inspired

Here’s some ideas to get you excited about your creative process.

Why You Should Never Quit Making Music

You love this. Music makes you, you. Don’t quit, ever!

10 Emotional and Sad Chord Progressions Every Producer Should Know

Learn how to write a sad song and tell your story.

6 Reasons You Should Learn a New Instrument

Get more out of your creative process.

Avoiding Creative Burnout: How 11 Artists Take Care of Their Craft

When life gets complicated and messy it can be hard to stay creative. Here’s how 11 artists keep their creativity flowing.

How to Find Inspiration by Setting Up a Songwriting Routine

Here’s why structure is your friend when writing songs.


Try free tools

Here’s the best free VSTs and sample packs to get you creating and writing right now.

The 200 Best Free VST Plugins Ever

Get tons of free synths, drums, guitar, effects, and utility VSTs.

PANTONE Color of the Year Classic Blue Sample Pack

PANTONE, Audio UX, and LANDR collaborated to produce this excellent 145 sample pack.

The 10 Best Free Sample Packs Every Producer Needs

Here’s a great selection of free sample packs.

9 Free VST Plugins for Mixing Perfect Vocals

Get your vocals sounding perfect with these free vocal VSTs.



Here’s some great ideas for guiding your home studio experiments.

6 Alternate Guitar Tunings to Inspire Your Sound

Have you ever tried DADGAD? What about CGCFCE? Now’s your chance to try!


Audio Effects: The Beginners Guide to Shaping Your Sound

Not sure what a flanger does? Ever played with ring modulation? This article explains how each audio effect changes your music.

26 Recording Experiments the A-Z of Trying New Things in the Studio

Here’s 26 experiments to try in your home studio.

12 Ridiculous Songwriting Techniques That Actually Work

This isn’t your average songwriting tips article. Here’s 12 unique and strange ideas you definitely haven’t heard of before.

7 Creative Ways to Use Arpeggiators in Your Tracks

Learn how you can use arpeggiators to add interesting chord patterns to your tracks.

ADSR Envelopes: How to Build the Perfect Sound

A detailed tutorial on using ADSR to sculpt your sound.


Get an ultimate guide

When you have free time it’s the perfect chance to dive headfirst into a new topic.

These guides are the perfect jump-off point for learning something new.

How to Make Music: The Complete Guide to Getting Started

Everything you need to start making music right now.

Music Theory: The Basics You Need to Make Better Music

Rhythm, notes, chords, scales and more. Here’s the theory basics you need to know.

Sampling Music: The Complete Guide

Learn sampling techniques, how to sample in your DAW, and how it’s done legally.

Home Studio Guide: How to Build a Home Recording Setup

Your home studio is your sanctuary. Learn how to set it up and sound like a pro.

Music Production: Everything You Need to Get Started

Getting good at music production means mastering many skills. Here’s where you should start first.


Big ideas

The music world is constantly changing. Now’s your chance to catch up with what’s new.

Can Music and A.I. Coexist?

Eight artists share about their relationship with A.I and music-making.

The Hard Truths Series

Sound advice you didn’t know you needed.

Moments in Music: The Lost Art of Music Manifestos

Dive deep into the minds of nine legendary artists.

Skeuomorphism: How Plugin Design Affects What You Hear

Learn how the visual design of a plugin can affect how you hear your mix.

What is Dithering and When do You Use It?

Learn how dithering works behind the scenes to make your music sound better.

Free time is a glorious gift

Use it wisely and you’ll learn something new!