Gifts for Musicians: 17 Best Musician Gift Ideas for Holiday 2023

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Gifts for Musicians: 17 Best Musician Gift Ideas for Holiday 2023

Finding a good gift for the musician or producer in your life isn’t always so straightforward.

There’s a lot of gear that musicians need to produce their songs, and it can be hard to know exactly what to get them if you’re thinking of giving them a music-themed gift.

Of course, if you know the producer or musician aspires to build their own home studio, you might want to head over to our home studio guide to see exactly what they’ll need to record at home.

But if you’re simply looking for a thoughtful gift that’ll be useful for the musician or music producer in your life, we’ve put together this handy list of great gifts for musicians.

Let’s dive in.

1. LANDR Studio Pro

LANDR Studio Pro is the best deal you can get when it comes to music software.

No matter what, there’s something inside of LANDR Studio Pro that the musician in your life can make use of.

Its brand-new AI mastering plugin can analyze and master tracks and offers a range of mastering styles to suit different genres.

The platform also includes distribution services, making it possible for artists to get their music on major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

On top of its powerful mastering tools and distribution, LANDR Studio Pro comes with over 30 plugins worth over $3,000 that’ll fill out any producer’s plug-in folder.

It also comes with full access to LANDR’s enormous royalty-free sample free library and collaboration tools.

For a limited time get LANDR Studio Pro at 50% off for $99!

2. Akai LPD8

This affordable MIDI pad controller is a favorite among traveling producers due to its compact size.

The Akai LPD8 features velocity-sensitive pads and rotary knobs that can be mapped to various functions in music-making software like Ableton, GarageBand and Logic.

Its plug-and-play compatibility with most music software makes it ideal for beat production, triggering samples, and live performances, offering a tactile edge over purely software-based music creation.

3. Revoice Pro 5

A game-changer in vocal production, Revoice Pro 5 is renowned for its precision in pitch correction and alignment.

Its ability to maintain the natural character and tone of the original voice while correcting timing and pitch discrepancies is unmatched, especially when working with multiple vocal takes, harmonies and different vocalists.

The software is also adept at creating realistic double tracks, a technique frequently used in professional studios to add depth and richness to vocal recordings.

If you get this for the producer in your life, you’ll save them a ton of time in 2024.

4. Loop Ear Plugs

Loop Ear Plugs are designed to reduce noise levels by up to 25 decibels while preserving sound clarity.

Unlike traditional foam earplugs that muffle sound, these use acoustic channel and filter technology to lower volume without distorting the music.

These make for an affordable stocking stuffer gift for musicians and concert-goers who want to protect their hearing without sacrificing audio quality.

5. Akai LPK25

Akai’s LPK25 is another highly portable and affordable MIDI keyboard controller with 25 velocity-sensitive keys that’s super affordable.

Any producer can use this to control synths and instruments in DAWs like Logic, Garageband or Ableton.

The LPK25 also features an arpeggiator, sustain button, octave up and down, and tap tempo controls, making it a comprehensive tool for composing melodies and bass lines on the go.

Its USB-powered design means it can be used anywhere, making it a favorite for producers who frequently travel or have limited studio space.

6. Arturia Minilab MkII

The Minilab MkII isn’t your average MIDI controller, it’s a gateway to Arturia’s extensive software instrument collection.

For an affordable price, it provides a tactile control surface with its responsive keys and knobs, and the included Analog Lab software offers thousands of synth sounds from Arturia’s V Collection.

This makes it an excellent choice for producers looking to explore a wide range of vintage and modern synth sounds.

7. Audio Technica M50x

Celebrated for their sound quality and durability, the M50x headphones offer an accurate bass response and detailed sound across a wide frequency range.

These music production-minded headphones were designed for comfort during long mixing sessions and provide excellent sound isolation.

This makes the M50x headphones a great tool for both studio work and high-fidelity listening.

8. Behringer FX600

The Behringer FX600 is a digital stereo multi-effects pedal that provides studio-quality effects in a compact, pedalboard-friendly format.

It comes with pretty much every possible effect style built in making it a great accessory to give to the aspiring electric guitarist in your life.

Its 24-bit high-resolution processing ensures that each effect sounds polished and professional.

This pedal is a cost-effective way for guitarists and keyboard players to experiment with different sounds without investing in multiple single-effect units.

9. Behringer U-Phoria UM2

The U-Phoria UM2 is solid audio interface that stands out for its solid build quality and clear audio performance at an affordable price point.

If you’re looking for a gift for an aspiring music producer, this is a great option since an audio interface is required for any producer looking to record audio into their computer.

It offers two inputs with preamps and +48V phantom power, making it compatible with both dynamic and condenser microphones.

It’s a great starting interface for those entering home recording, offering reliable performance without a complex setup.

10. Shure SM58

A true legend in the world of microphones, the Shure SM58 is a top choice for vocalists across genres—it’s a perfect gift for anyone looking to get started with music production.

Renowned for its reliability and sound quality, this dynamic vocal microphone excels in live performance and studio settings.  It offers professional sound quality at a price that won’t break the bank.

Its tailored vocal response brings clarity and warmth to vocals, while the cardioid pickup pattern effectively isolates the main sound source and minimizes background noise.

Built to endure, with a rugged design that can withstand the demands of touring, the SM58 is as durable as it is iconic.

Whether it’s a first microphone for an aspiring artist or a reliable staple for a seasoned performer, the SM58 is a gift that will be appreciated and used for years to come.

11. Elektron Syntakt

Elektron is a hardware synth and drum machine manufacturer that launched its brand new Syntakt earlier this year.

Its inspiring interface makes for some incredible analog synth sound design options that are contained with Elektron’s unique workflow.

Any synth enthusiast or Elektron fan on your list would be unbelievably excited about getting one.

12. Ableton Push

Eve takes us through her thoughts on the workflows of both Ableton and Logic

If the music producer in your life is already an avid Ableton user, an Ableton Push is an excellent complementary gift that will change their production game.

Push brings the classic workflow of Ableton into the physical realm with its intuitive button and knob interface that map easily and automatically to whatever’s going on in an Ableton project.

Music is an inherently tactile experience, so taking yourself away from the computer screen with a physical input is always an excellent way to inspire creativity.

13. Arturia MiniFreak

Arturia’s brand new MiniFreak synth is a total powerhouse—and it’s exactly what any budding synthesist in your life needs to really dive into sound design and synth performance.

This synth combines a powerful digital synth engine with analog circuits and is customizable with Arturia software—meaning synthesists can create sounds and download presets from Arturia.

For anyone looking to add synth sounds to their music, this is one excellent hardware gear option.

14. Arturia Keystep Pro

The Keystep is widely loved for being both an excellent sequencer and MIDI controller.

It’s a staple in so many synth setups, you’ll literally see it used everywhere.

That’s why the synth world got pretty excited when Arturia dropped its updated Keystep Pro.

The new MIDI sequencer offers additional functionality—offering new multitrack polyphonic sequencing, step sequencer editing, several new knob controls and advanced editing and transport controls.

If you have someone who’s getting serious about synths in your life, this is an excellent gift.

15. Roland SP404 MkII

This year Roland dropped an update to its beloved SP404 sampler drum machine product with an all new MkII edition.

The slightly smaller, more compact edition features excellent tactile sample pads, great sampling capabilities and updates to its already beloved suite of effects and sounds.

If you have a beat maker or producer in your life, the SP404 MkII almost certainly catch their eye this year.

16. Nice guitar strings

New guitar strings are a nice gift for guitarists because they are an essential component of the instrument. Putting new strings on can have a significant impact on the guitars sound.

Over time, guitar strings can become worn and may need to be replaced to ensure that the guitar sounds its best.

Not to mention they’re an affordable gift that any guitar player needs to play their instrument.

17. A nice guitar strap

A guitar strap can be a useful and practical gift for a guitarist, as it can help them to play their instrument more comfortably and securely.

In addition to being functional, guitar straps can also be a fun and stylish accessory, with many different designs and colors available to choose from.

Overall, a guitar strap can be a nice gift for a guitarist, as it can enhance their playing experience and allow them to perform more comfortably.

Wrap up great gifts for musicians

Each of these gifts for musicians offers something special for the musician or producer in your life.

From high-tech studio gear to innovative tools for live performance, these options cater to a wide range of needs and preferences.

Selecting the right gift depends on understanding the specific interests and aspirations of the musician you’re buying for. Happy holiday shopping!

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