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  1. Chris

    The Danelectro 9v power suppliers have a variable volt dial on them. If you lower the power supply (decrease it to 7 or lower) it really affects the quality of the sound. A quick and easy way to crunch your sound. lol

    • Leticia Trandafir

      Hey Chris! That’s pretty cool. Careful with electricity hehe. Take care!

  2. Bryce

    Umm those old video game sounds were one bit square waves. 8 bit refers to the microprocessor that runs the system but 8 bit audio would sound more like a cell phone than game music.

  3. Steve

    Dave Edmunds was once asked how he got his authentic 50s rock n roll sound. He said, “easy, I just use inferior equipment”……

  4. Manuel

    Other great item in music production it’s how to apply saturation on a digital “clean” mix, to emulate the valve or tape sound. I remember the saturation on “Hurt” by Johnny Cash on his American Recordings, and how Andrew Scheps drives the pre-amp to the maximum (I guess).

  5. Alex Stavi

    Leticia, you have roots in Romania?

  6. Troy

    create a bitcruched layer and mix into the clean.

    • Scott Parsons


      That’s a superb tip! For sure trying that this weekend… :)


  7. Mpumezi

    I like the sound – rules are meant to be broken in order to get what you want its all about unique sound and perfect mix thanks guys..

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