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  1. Dylan Glenn

    Killer article! Very important tips here. Equalization is a major ? (key) in production and loved the intro about starting with quality samples and audio!

    • Anonymous

      Super great article thank you so much

  2. Anonymous

    Really helpful article and links! Thank you LANDR! :D

  3. Anonymous


  4. Zé Neto

    Talking about low ends, I like to, depending how bass and drum bass work toghether, enhance or cut diferents frequencies in order to each one finds it’s room. Thanks for the tips! I ‘m a huge fan of LANDR. Greeting from Brazil.

  5. Kant Sleep

    Thanks for taking the time to write this article. Lots of useful tips here indeed.

  6. maxi chavez

    nice article guys ! :)

  7. Anonymous


  8. Anonymous

    Awesome! Thank you!

  9. Anonymous

    Great! Thanks a lot

  10. Mat

    I find a multi band compressor can sometimes work well with an EQ… on sounds (like vocals and guitars) where there’s a big variation in the tonality and frequency distribution of the sound.

  11. G

    Get rid of everything below 20hz. Hard hi pass filter. It’ll instantly release several db of headroom taken up by inaudible clouds of sonic suck. Good article.

  12. Aric

    Wow great read!

  13. Anonymous

    Very helpful. Thank you!!

  14. Anonymous

    I cut everything below 202khz,you just watch how it jumping in red on master channel at -6db suddenly doesn’t.I always make sure that its green on master channel from start to finish if i can before sending to labels or mastering.

  15. f6ixbeatz

    Nice tips

  16. Lewi Glenis

    Excellent article Scott! Thanks a lot.

  17. xelsior

    good tips

  18. Recording Noob

    Excellent article!! Quick and to the point with some great tips and useful links!! Thank you.

  19. Anonymous

    Very helpful! Thank You!

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