Editor’s Note: The New LANDR Blog

Editor’s Note: The New LANDR Blog

Welcome to the new LANDR Blog.

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed some changes around here.

If it’s your first time visiting, I’m excited to present our brand new look and feel.

The LANDR Blog is built to help you discover more of the content you need to grow as a music creator.

You’ll find a whole new set of tools to connect you with the essential information to unblock your process and finish more music.

As editor-in-chief, here’s my quick guide to the new experience on the LANDR Blog.

Dive deep on what interests you most

It’s our mission here at the LANDR Blog to cover a broad range of issues relevant to today’s music creators.

That means you’ll see a huge variety of posts, not all of which may interest you.

We know that genre and workflow have a huge influence on the material creators need to learn as they progress.

That’s why you’ll find a new, convenient interface for getting more immersed in the content you need most.

Music making today requires a varied skill set. Creators need to learn to wear many hats.

We’ve sorted our material into the most essential subjects in the lifecycle of a song—so you can dive in and learn exactly what you need to get unblocked and back on track.

Take it one step at a time

We cover all skill levels here at the LANDR blog—from casual musicians to emerging producers to seasoned pros.

When it comes to certain topics, you’ll need to start from the bottom up. Other times you’ll know enough to jump right into the finer points.

That’s why core issues in music like learning to mix, understanding mastering or promoting your release now come in curated progressions where each step builds on the last.

You can start at the beginning, or quickly skip to the material you need to learn—and continue from there.

Any time you see a scrolling horizontal block of posts, you’ll get a multi-step guide to a pressing issue in music creation.

You can quickly navigate between posts at any time from the sidebar as you make your way through.

Experience the best of LANDR

Peggy demos 10 essential harmonic progressions.

Today’s online experience goes far beyond traditional blogging.

While written material will always have its place, some of the best content LANDR has to offer comes from our team of video creators.

The LANDR Blog is the best place to experience our video content and expand on the material you learn as you watch.

You’ll find relevant videos all over our posts to help you learn the way you need, with text, images or video—all in their best ever presentation.

Not only that, you’ll get improved visual DAW tips and audio examples, a hands-on feel for gear in our equipment guides and easy access to downloadable resources.

See more LANDR video posts

Stay connected

We want to stay in touch.

The LANDR Blog’s team of contributors and staff writers is busy publishing new material as often as we can.

If you’re not already a subscriber, I invite you to join us for the best of the LANDR Blog in your inbox once a week.

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You’ll also get important news, exclusive content and other updates from the team behind the LANDR Blog.

Your companion guide to music creation

No matter what you deal with in your workflow, the LANDR Blog is your companion guide to creating your best music. The improved blog experience will help you at every stage in the lifecycle of a song—from inspiration to release and beyond. Now that you have a little background, go explore and discover everything the LANDR Blog has to offer.

Michael Hahn

Michael Hahn is an engineer and producer at Autoland and member of the swirling indie rock trio Slight.

@Michael Hahn