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audio plugin deals for black friday

It’s that time of year again!

Audio plugin deals for the holidays are being announced left and right.

If you’ve been watching and waiting for this year’s savings, you’ll have plenty of exciting offers queued up already.

But if you’re just getting around to seeing what’s out there, this is the article for you.

From DAWs to plugins to bundles and subscriptions, there’s something on this list to help you shape your sound in a new and exciting way.

🧠 Hot tip

Great new deals are being announced every day, so this article will be updated over the coming weeks to reflect the best of what’s currently available. Make sure to check back often for the freshest offers.

So without further ado, here are the best holiday plugin sales to stock your VST folder in 2023.

LANDR Studio

I’ll kick this list off with the deal we’re most excited about this holiday—LANDR Studio.

With up to 50% off the regular price, it’s the best time ever to subscribe.

LANDR Studio is a greatest hits bundle of AI mastering, digital distribution, royalty-free samples, educational courses and $3000 worth of industry-standard plugins.

LANDR Studio is a greatest hits bundle of AI mastering, digital distribution, royalty-free samples, educational courses and $3000 worth of industry-standard plugins.

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Today, Yearly Pro subscriptions come with the brand new LANDR Mastering Plugin, giving producers access to the best in-DAW mastering solution available.

Beginning November 8th you can save 50% on Studio Pro Yearly and Distro Pro Yearly or take 30% off Studio Yearly. Don’t sleep on these deals!

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Studio subscriptions aren’t the only way to save with holiday deals at LANDR. Get up to 40% off LANDR FX or 50% off LANDR Guitar and Chromatic at participating dealers.

UA Mix Bundle at Plugin Boutique

Native editions of UAD’s famous analog-modeled plugins have been on the market for a while now.

This year, Plugin Boutique’s Black Friday deals make them even more accessible, with huge discounts on single plugin collections and bundled offers.

A great pick is the LA-2A collection, which contains accurate software emulations of Teletronix’s iconic, tube-driven optical compressor.

With such a deep discount, it’s worth adding to your shopping list.


SynchroArts makes industry-standard vocal editing software that can improve your results and save a lot of time.

If you’re still aligning vocal double tracks by hand, you won’t believe what VocAlign can do to speed up your workflow.

Tame unruly vibrato with the RePitch's Shaper tool.

Tame unruly vibrato with the RePitch's Shaper tool.

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SynchroArts’ all-in-one vocal suite Revoice Pro 5 is also available at 40% off for those who need the most powerful vocal editing tools available.

And if you haven’t heard RePitch yet, it may shake up what you think about the possibilities of natural, musical pitch correction for vocals.

Luckily for holiday plugin shoppers, both are on sale at a generous 50% off starting November 8th.

Buy direct or via your preferred dealer for the best savings of the year!

Baby Audio

Baby Audio has been busy releasing creative new plugins that challenge expectations for producers.

Tools like their excellent Crystalline reverb and 80’s-flavored BA-1 synth are both practical and inspiring to use.

And if you’ve been paying attention lately you’ve likely seen Transit, the new collaboration with Andrew Huang built to make automating transitions painless.

This Black Friday, individual plugins from the Baby catalog are discounted at 50% off with even greater savings on their Industry Standard and Industry Pro bundles.

Andrew introduces Transit.

Andrew introduces Transit.


Sweetwater is your star US retailer for everything music-related.

And just like any good sales outlet, they offer their own Black Friday savings on select merchandise.

You may be more familiar with Sweetwater as a source for hardware, but they list plenty of audio plugin deals on their site as well.

Take a hunt around and you may even find some deals that aren’t available elsewhere.


Arturia’s Black Friday discounts come in at a generous 50% on software. That means you’ll take half off the legendary V collection 9 and FX collection 4 in addition to other one-off plugin tools.

The beloved French company’s V collection bundles plugin editions of the most sought after synthesizers of all time.

It’s already a great deal compared to owning the vintage hardware, so grabbing the V collection on a black Friday Sale is a no-brainer.Whether you’re looking for the timeless sound of 80’s synths, or the mammoth modular rigs of the 60s, you’ll have plenty to play with in the Arturia collections.

Cableguys Shaperbox3

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Shaperbox is a suite of tools for adding action and animation to your mix. It bundles ten distinct effect types to shape your sound in unique and creative ways.

But the best part is the unique interface that makes sequencing rhythmic effects a breeze.

It’s great for injecting inspiration into dull or static sounds to make them stand out.

Eventide MicroPitch and BlackHole Immersive

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Eventide’s legendary algorithms are making their way into DAW-based workflows as the company expands its software business.

The new Immersive editions of Black Hole and MicroPitch bring these essential effects to the world of spatial audio. With Atmos ready surround sound processing, these feats of engineering can handle up to 12 channels of processing!

That said, plugins designed for these multichannel formats don’t come cheap. The substantial discounts available this Black Friday could ease the pressure on your wallet if you plan to mix in surround.


Not to be outdone on audio plugin deals, Waves Black Friday savings have begun with savings of 80% of more posted against the list price.

If you haven’t got your hands on their classic offerings yet, this year’s sale pricing will certainly get you interested.

The SSL 4000 Collection comes with some excellent workhorse channel strips and an all-time great compressor for just $79.99 USD at the time of this writing. That’s a deal!

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On top of that, the respected Abbey Road collection is also on sale at $159.99 and includes some excellent takes on the rare gear owned by the famous studio.

Black Friday Plugin shopping guide

With the sweet deals out of the way, here are a few tips for a better Black Friday gear hunt:

1. Bundle up and save

Plugin bundles are the key to big savings at any time of the year.

But they become especially attractive with Black Friday discounts applied.

Of course, the total you might spend is higher, the value in comparison to each plugin on its own is huge.

Not only that, many manufacturer bundles include the most popular plugins in their catalog, so you’ll usually be getting the best of the best when you bundle.

2. Look out for freebies

Black Friday isn’t just for discounts. With so much activity around the season, plenty of developers are looking to grab your attention by offering free software.

This year, Soundtoys Little Plate is available for no charge, and Universal Audio just opened up the free tier of the LUNA DAW to all Mac users.

Rumors are that Waves will be introducing its own free plugin as a Black Friday exclusive. That means stay tuned if you’d like to get some new audio tools at no cost!

3. Don’t sleep on upgrades and renewals

No one likes paying full price to upgrade software they already own.

But with the steady pace of development, new features can make it appealing to get to the latest version.

Black Friday deals can help you upgrade your plugins without breaking the bank.

And if you prefer subscriptions, you’ve probably thought carefully about whether or not to renew your existing plans.

If possible, renewing your plan on a Black Friday deal can help you net some savings on your plugin bill.

Get deal

Most musicians have a list of gear they plan to acquire at some point in their journey.

If you’re looking for audio plugin deals this Black Friday, you’ll find offers in this guide to help you cross a few off your list.

Make sure to check back often as new offers and savings are added. Happy shopping!


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