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  1. Burt K. Arthur

    Really nice break down…Right on!

  2. AlexStavi

    Good tips! One question: what makes a pro mastering: hardware devices or VST plugins?

    • Rory Seydel

      Hi Alex, I’d say that it’s more about who, what and how you are mastering. The line between hardware, software, human and robot is getting more and more blurry. Good question!

  3. carlos

    Amazing! I like it!

  4. kev - the matinée idles

    your tips are invaluable as ever, thanks so much Steve/LANDR

  5. Paul Parsons (Bronx Cheer)

    It’s great you are giving out this simple but essential and effective info in simple terms – nice one guys….all goes towards making better music.
    I did a little test earlier and at first I wasn’t convinced but with further testing it actually does work – you must have an amazing piece of software behind this!! :-)

    • Rory Seydel

      Hi Paul, awesome that you see the value. We work really really hard to make excellent tools for musicians and producers.


    priceless information tools you can use you want to be the best you can be.

  7. Avery Osby

    said it before will say it again THIS IS AMAZING me and my priduction team use this for beats songs even a beat tag! Its pretty annoying seeing some people judge this service without using it . But as long as you get it to -5 db it will give u a perfect master everytime!

  8. Ron

    LANDR does a great job with my stuff. It is so hard to master in a home studio. Big bucks a nice room plus experience needed to do a good job.

  9. Paul Krakow

    Love the service and love the blog. It is so nice to obsess over a mix – send it up to Landr – and love it even more.

  10. Anonymous

    Great info, clearly put and demonstrated..

  11. Seabreeze

    thats really nice

  12. Anonymous

    Awesome! Brief , to the point and clear explanations for a novice like myself whose life around the other side of the desk has just begun

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