The 10 Best Music Promotion Services to Grow Your Audience

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The 10 Best Music Promotion Services to Grow Your Audience

In today’s music production landscape, making great music doesn’t guarantee you a successful career. You have to also be a mixing engineer, a marketing guru and a music promotion pro if you want to make it as an artist.

Thankfully, there are a whole host of music promotion services that can help you get your music out there while you focus on being a musician and an artist.

The world of independent music promotion can be tricky to navigate, so we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of music promotion sites and services that are designed to make independent song promotion as simple as possible.

1. LANDR Network

If you’re inexperienced in indie music promotion, it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t, and so you may be reluctant to invest any meaningful amount of money into your music promotion activities.

But what if you could easily access someone with experience in independent music promotion to create and deliver a press release, artist bio or complete PR strategy? LANDR Network lets you do just that.

You can search LANDR Network according to the skill or speciality you require, or the genre within which you operate. You can then check out each expert’s profile to see their services, prices and previous work.

Once you’ve found someone with the music promotion experience you’re looking for, it’s simple to connect with them and enquire about their services. LANDR Network offers an effective avenue for independent music promotion, without having to deal with the complexities and commitments of publishing deals.

2. LANDR Distribution

Before you promote your music, your audience needs to be able to access it. One of the simplest ways to make your music available to the masses is through a music distribution service like LANDR Distribution.

From as little as $23.99 per year, you can release as much music as you like to more than 150 digital music stores and social media platforms. Unlike some music distribution services, you keep 100% of your streaming royalties when you distribute your music with LANDR.

LANDR Distribution boasts some additional tools and features that are designed to step up your independent music promotion game.

Getting a Spotify artist-verified artist checkmark helps you stand out to listeners, while trend and earning reports let you analyze how your promotional activities are performing. You can also create customizable promotional links for your music, ready to share with your listeners.

For small record labels, the LANDR Distribution Pro tier lets you publish music by up to five artists. It also grants you access to additional features including advanced reporting, custom label names and release dates as well as the ability to distribute high-quality lossless audio formats.

3. SubmitHub

Once you’ve distributed your music, you’ll want to push it into the headphones of as many people as possible. One way of accomplishing that is through an independent music promotion site like SubmitHub.

After submitting your music to SubmitHub, it’s sent to over 1,800 Spotify playlisters, music bloggers and influencers. SubmitHub works with some of the biggest names in music promotion and publishing, including Universal, Sony and Warner.

4. Sound Campaign

Next up is another independent music promotion service that aims to connect independent artists with Spotify playlist curators and TikTok content creators.

Securing a placement on a major playlist or viral TikTok video has been seen to catapult swathes of artists into the spotlight. Sound Campaign seeks to do this by implementing promotional campaigns that get your music in front of the right people at the right time.

On average, it costs around $80 to run a full music promotion campaign, but it doesn’t cost anything to submit your music for consideration by Sound Campaign’s in-house A&R team.

5. Spotify for Artists

Another way to promote your music as an independent artist is directly with the world’s biggest music streaming service. Spotify’s Spotify for Artists platform is home to several music promotion tools that may help you to promote your next release.

In particular, their Campaign Kit offers a structured approach to getting your music out there into the wider world. Discovery Mode is designed to help you reach more listeners, and Playlist Pitching lets you submit your upcoming releases for consideration for popular editorial playlists.

Additionally, you can reinforce your brand image with Clips, Canvases, Countdown Pages and of course your fully customizable Artist Profile. Being able to control the way your listeners consume your music in this way is truly invaluable, and can go a long way to communicate your artistic message.

By equipping you with the tools and systems needed to promote and sell merchandise and event tickets, Spotify for Artists even helps you monetise other elements of your business.

Spotify has become much more than just music streaming, and has earned a reputation for being a powerful music promotion tool in its own right.

6. Playlist Push

With over 25,000 artists on their roster and upwards of 500,000 playlist placements, Playlist Push is a popular independent music promotion site for artists of all styles and levels.

As with many music promotion companies, Playlist Push allows you to create promotional campaigns that aim to either get your music in Spotify playlists or on TikTok videos.

While Playlist Push isn’t the cheapest music promotion service on this list, they take a meticulous approach to screening curators to ensure their listener engagement and statistics are authentic.

This means you can be confident that your music is being submitted to people who can drive real, organic growth in your listenership.

7. ReverbNation

Another music promotion service with many strings to its bow is ReverbNation. With a huge range of music promotion tools and features as well as flexible pricing, ReverbNation is aimed at proudly independent artists.

Using a free account with ReverbNation, you can create your own Artist Profile, promote and sell your music, find gigs, implement social media marketing strategies and much more.

The Basic and Premim tiers add additional features including digital music distribution and access to an easy-to-use website builder.

8. Groover

As well as its core functionality as a powerful music promotion tool, Groover has several benefits that make it well worth checking out. Not only are you guaranteed to receive valuable feedback on your music, but you also get access to helpful networking tools and opportunities.

Using Groover’s simple online submission form, you can submit your tracks to be heard by their growing network of playlist curators, DJs, radio stations and music professionals. If they like what they hear, they can contact you directly about radio plays, playlist placements and other relevant opportunities.

9. Daimoon Media

Many of the indie music promotion sites covered in this list focus on promoting your music via Spotify and TikTok. While these two services are undoubtedly important to target, you might want to cast your net a little wider to try and capture listeners in other corners of the industry.

While Daimoon Media does allow you to create independent music promotion campaigns for Spotify and TikTok, you can also create campaigns for Youtube and uniquely, Soundcloud too.

10. Use a specialist music PR company

If you’ve tried some of the services on this list and you’re looking to take the next step in promoting your music, you could enlist the support of a music PR company.

Businesses like Starlight PR, Infectious PR and Pressed PR are dedicated to helping you achieve your music promotion goals. That could be related to achieving more streams, upping your followers or securing more event bookings and ticket sales.

The advantage of hiring a music PR company is that you get a tailored service that is designed to suit you, your music and your goals. That level of refinement does come with a price, as music PR packages tend to start at a few hundred dollars and can easily get into the thousands.

Which is the best music promotion service for me?

To discover the best music promotion service for you, research the various options discussed above and see if their pricing model and approach to music promotion work for you.

It’s also worth reading some user reviews to get an idea of what each music service can do for you. Many music promotion sites offer a free tier or trial period, so you can get a first-hand feel for how they can help you to promote your music.

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