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  1. David Stephens

    Great post. Not a single ounce of fat on this blog post — you need every word & sentence in there.

    Social media has always been an uphill battle I never want to start. Since LANDR’s no nonsense guide to self-promotion I’ve had a better idea of where to start. There are still a vast amount of time-consuming tasks, but doing it yourself for the long-haul, I believe now, will yield results.

    Thanks fellas. Keep it up.

  2. Steve

    Hey! Great post, some really great points in this. At risk of going against the ‘being social’ vibe I just need to mention the risks I see from linking accounts. Too often I see bands taking the lazy route with this thinking they can get away with doing the same thing on multiple channels. They can’t. Each social channel is like a different venue to either perform or network at. We need to be operating the realms of that channel not as if they’re all just one big outreach mechanism. For example, if your Facebook audience is going to enjoy your instagram post, great, share it – it’ll work well! But don’t think that linking twitter will do the same – in fact it won’t even show up natively in your audiences feed. If the image is indeed relevant, upload it straight to Twitter and tell the story from a different angle. And the biggest no no of all is to link twitter and Facebook, if one post automatically to the other, regardless of the direction it looks terrible. Unlink today! I also want to stress the importance of an act learning to use Facebook ads properly. I’ve spent too much cash boosting posts out of sheer time constraints and it’s like throwing money down the drain. I love that you’re suggesting people invest in their social profiles, what needs to happen is a planned set of ads on multiple networks that are targeted correctly and work towards an end goal. Boosting posts here or there just isn’t as effective. Once again thanks for the post, it is bang on point, just these bits are so important for artists to understand. Always keen to chat more if you like too!

    • Chris Tan

      I totally agree with the last part, far too many people become obsessed with trying to grow their social fan base. Your music will always speak first, the social is something you can focus on once you have more of a fanbase that are drawn to the way your music speaks to them. Worrying to much about how many likes you have on a post can become poison to what you first set out to do, share music you love with people and hope they like it too.

  3. sinan ayral

    Thank you for your advices… ;)

  4. BTS93

    Thank you for the advice Scott. You guys always put out great content for independent artist & DIY producers/mixers.

  5. Nixis

    Well written post!

    Not sure whether Facebook-boosting helps, I may have used it wrong, who knows. I received a lot of likes on my FB-post of my new track, but I was left with the typical “Buy Follower” feeling. I didn’t get half as many likes as I did on plays on my SoundCloud track? Anyone had better experiences with it?

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks ! Good … I love it.

  7. Umg Muhu


  8. Anonymous

    Thanks !

  9. Antonio Varano

    Thanks !

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Antonio,

      No problem! Glad you enjoyed the piece. :)


  10. Terri Epps

    I am extremely happy that you decided to share such musically inclined wisdom. I’m a singer/songwriter here in Indianapolis and I most definitely will take heed?

  11. Manuel

    Absolutely inspiring.
    I really found it so useful.
    Thanks mate

  12. Toni'Mo Da Truth

    This article was very informative and straight to the point! Thanks!!

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