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  1. Barock

    Very informative!! To the point and motivation to help me promote my brand better using this platform.

  2. Faded with Friends

    Very insightful. I certainly appreciate this tips and will be referring back to this post to use them to my advantage :)

  3. rene flores

    Greats tips,thanks for sharing!really usefull info :)

  4. Donald

    I use SoundCloud as part of our standard marketing practices but it appears we have been missing a few key elements.
    Thanks for the insight… Now to boost those plays!

  5. Anonymous

    Very useful! Thank you for sharing this as I’m new to the marketing side of music.

  6. Lloyd

    Very Smart and Cool for those new to to the World of Music and marketing,and a Must Go To!! for Musicians,Singer’s,Bands,Producer’s ,DJ’sand Performer’s of All Genre’s. The Link-Up with LANDR
    makes it Perfect.


  7. Todd S

    Great article!!! Thanks.

  8. Mattskilove

    Not really , soundcloud sucks and makes listeners download and install the app to listen to a song. In this day and age people are
    Lazy to such things. The mobile version is pretty useless altogether.

  9. Simon cox

    Don’t you think that removing the groups was a bad thing for soundcloud to do. My mixes have gone from 3-400 listens down to 30. It was the perfect tool for sharing to a larger audience

    • Alexneon

      I totally agree with you. Have the same situation and concerns…

  10. Soulfinga

    Solid Solutions….Much Appreciated.

  11. Karyn Davis

    Thank you I found this useful

  12. RolandTheArtist

    Very informative #Landr!

  13. Karen

    I will use these tips for sure, thanx for this love you.

  14. villamor suni

    tnx man

  15. marco

    Is there a better hour to post your track/Playlist on Soundcloud?

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Marco,

      Great question! The answer is a bit tricky because it will always vary based on location, genre and audience. My best advice would be to test out some times and see which one works best for you and work music. If you find that one time works better than another, then stick with the time that did the best for your next post. Eventually, you’ll find the posting time that works best for all your music. :)

      Hope this helps!


  16. Mini Jain

    Hey nice article, You can also visit this link to increase the number count of followers and plays on Soundcloud. Here’s the link:

  17. P.Lamar

    good tips am thankful.

  18. Tq Tariq

    I use Landr to master all my music. It’s very inexpensive. See for yourself. Tq Tariq. I’m on SoundCloud.

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