1. Jean

    I love your articles J-P! Keep it up :)

    • Morton Pepper

      Great article and advise!

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  3. Dj Tsetse

    i like u guys and thanx once againg,i have learned a lot through you

  4. Bill Bogaardt

    Good stuff Scott. ! You’re right on the button!
    Always appreciate the innovation and tools that Landr provides. This latest “Share” is vital to being able to get feedback. However, since “fingerprinting” and “embedding” is so important to the Indie Artist to protect their works from Piracy, I would suggest that taking the time limit off the share button (i.e. 1 day 2 days etc) would be a good option for Landr to have the time restriction lifted, so that, once you have a mastered product, that we as Indie artists, can send our original works to Radio stations, music publishers etc., etc., without the time limit attached to our release. That way we are still “protected” by the embedded codes, and fingerprinting technology when we release our material to the world.

  5. Thapelo Motabogi

    I would love to learn a lot of mixing and mastering. Automation and some other skills when creating my music. So I am willing to learn anytime of the day and night. Another thing I use FL studio to create my beats.

  6. Wendell Elam

    First time using it after all these months and missed some listening too- it’s a great idea

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    Really dope

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    nice one guys

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    nice one guys

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    Very good blog man. Thanks for the tips.

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    Awesome advice! LANDR you guys ROCK!!

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    Your´s mastering are AMAZING!!! Because its have all range frecuency, exactly that singer maket it! Regards

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    ya good

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    muito bom trabalho

  15. Jürgen Joherl

    Good insights & helpful thoughts on this matter…cheers Scott!…I can relate to all your points! :-)

  16. DJ Travis Moet

    This was and still is one of my favorite reads. I go back from time to time and read the archives and it keeps you updated and reminded of your growth plan.

  17. Whayn

    Great article helping me alot

  18. Jeannie Marquart.

    I am impressed with what i’ve heard. I need to find out more. I’ve been a musician for forty years entertaining. Now I just write music, write my backings and record myself through my Yamaha PSR 910. It’s a 16 track recorder but I haven’t been able to work out how to use the 16 track. So I just do the mixing and effects by hand.



  20. DJ Reign

    Sweet, nice article, .. short and to the point,
    I’ve always had a mental barrier when trying to approach folks/potential fans for a little feedback in fear of coming across all needy like … but as one of the titles above so eloquently states “cut the crap” ..
    it’s so obvious and simple (can’t see wood for trees and all that) but biblically effective.

    Cheers :)

  21. Pro_Angla

    Thanks for the critique

  22. mike battle

    love this keep up good work…

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