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  1. Daniel Heikalo

    Brilliant article. Needed! Thank you very much.

  2. Azure Crystal

    Loved the article, however the omission of Tomita and Larry Fast boggles the mind.

    • Leticia Trandafir

      Hi Azure!

      Thanks for the love. Indeed, the list format often entails leaving out so many other great names – for the sake of making it a manageable read!

      I definitely considered Tomita, and thanks for the tip on Larry Fast I’ll check him out.

      Warm regards,


      • Anonymous

        Than you for the article, I found many new synth artists I need to check out! As for Larry (a friend), his albums were all under the band name of Synergy, and the highlight is the album “Sequencer” –

  3. David Shur

    This is a excellent article. I had not linked Suzanne Ciani to synths, and there are a few others in your list I don’t know. I loved watching Vangelis discuss how he plays on his CS80 with feeling; you can hear that in his organ work in It’s 5 O’clock from his early years- listen to those volume swells! Thank, Leticia.

    • Leticia Trandafir

      Hi David!

      I’m glad I made you discover some new musicians! I agree with you, I was definitely amazed at how expressive the CS80 is – especially in the hands of Vangelis. It’s really a great video.

      My pleasure, and cheers!

  4. Donald Barks

    Great article, Tomita and Larry Fast certainly were ground breakers, and you might check out Roger Powell who worked with Robert Moog, ARP and recorded solo albums and with Todd Rundgren and the band Utopia.

    • Leticia Trandafir

      Hi Donald, thanks a lot, I will definitely check them out.


  5. Christopher Burke

    Well… just a quickie in response to a top comment I read…

    Though I’ll get flamed for this, I don’t really count Tomita because he doesn’t write his own stuff, he just takes classical tracks and reinterprets them on keyboards. He does it extremely well, he gives them all a new meaning by doing so – but all the others at least write their own music. I’ve never heard an ORIGINAL Tomita track! So I’ll go along with the writer of the article – Tomita shouldn’t have been included.

  6. Joe DePiola

    Great article! opened me up to some new synthesists I haven’t heard of….I never knew that Vangelis was aa Yamaha CS80 performer. Loved the Buchla stuff. WOW!! very expressive. You had your work cut out to include as many as you knew, and I commend you for that, Others have mentioned “Larry Fast”. Let me tell something…that guy is all about the composition! (sounds are off the wall as well!) I could listen to any of his albums again, and again, and it always feels like a journey from the first to last track…even more amazing if you listen in headphones. He writes and he doesn’t use any “filler” notes…just like Bach or Beethoven….every note matters, and he knows all the right notes!

  7. David Hollander


    • Leticia Trandafir

      Thank you David!


  8. Gilles Garneau

    HI! just a comment to add in your top ten Mr. Synergy aka Larry Fast.
    Have a listen to *CORDS*’s LP cos no ones did something like that in’78.
    A musician with a sense of creative genius way ahead of this time.
    Today still considered as innovative !!

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