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  1. Auder

    Cool. Just one hint on the video it self: shooting with 50mm is great, i know it may be a little shaky but leave it this way instead of using warp stabilizer in the post production, it makes everything look unprofessional. I have been doing that a lot in the past , but i’ve learned how to shoot with stable hands :)

  2. Darrance

    Your articles are for when it abluostely, positively, needs to be understood overnight.

  3. Dr. Mark Corwin

    Way to go Ginny. Keep Al in line. Nice artistic ‘statement’ for/from Al. Also, thanks for the nod to Concordia’s Ea program. I like to think that good musical listeners like Al are one of the hallmarks of our Ea graduates.

  4. CoCoJ. Jackson

    Thanks for taking the time to inform us upon such a professionally crafted level!

  5. S Brooklyn Mike

    I did my homework and read up on the reviews referencing the pros and cons of LANDR, but I have to say that after personally utilizing the mastering program myself, I am truly impressed. I would still utilize the human touch, due to the human senses being what they are, but I will also continue using LANDR as well. Sometimes you just have to give it to Technology when well earned!

  6. Dj Stikzo

    I really enjoyed and accumulated great intel from the conversation, keep making the world of music great.

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