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  1. Dave

    Do you think it is best to embed your music from your soundcloud rather than uploading it directly to your website? Thought?

    • Leticia Trandafir

      Hey Dave! Great question.

      In my opinion a SoundCloud embed (or similar streaming platform) is best. You get to do two things at once: 1) showcase your music on your website 2) get your number of plays up on SoundCloud at the same time.

      And people often click through to your SoundCloud then follow you. So you’re growing your audience in multiple ways!

      Plus, if ever something happens to your website, you’ll still have your SoundCloud as a backup.

      I hope this helps!


  2. taib ksikes

    equally as important as the website is for the website to be mobile friendly. the platforms shuch as wix or squarespace have that option and one should make sure to incorporate it and test.

    • Leticia Trandafir

      Hey Taib,

      that’s a great point! Thanks for sharing this tip. Take note everyone!

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