The Best Music Youtube Channels to Grow Your Skills

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The Best Music Youtube Channels to Grow Your Skills

Youtube is one of the best resources for learning music.

The platform has plenty of great creators who share their knowledge for free to help others learn and grow.

But there are a handful of channels that really stand out for engaging content, great production and interesting concepts.

That’s why we put together this list of the best music Youtube channels to watch in 2021.

Before we get started, there’s no way we could cover every single channel with helpful info to offer, so this list will be a selection of popular channels, unique creators and team favorites.

We’ll be keeping this list updated so check back in if you ever need a fresh new perspective in your feed.

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Best music theory Youtube channel

Music theory can be challenging to learn. If it doesn’t come naturally, it’s much easier to study through engaging content.

Luckily, theory is one of the most compelling subjects to watch on Youtube.

Here is a selection of the most exciting personalities breaking it in down videos.

Adam Neely

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No list of music Youtube channels would be complete without Adam Neely. His channel is one the most popular on the platform for music infotainment.

A bass player by training, Neely is a certified music theory nerd.

He tackles everything from advanced jazz harmony to mainstream pop with the obsessiveness of a theorist.

He’s known for his exhaustive knowledge, accessible style and funny jokes and memes.


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12tone proves that you don’t need the production values of a feature film to create incredible Youtube content.

With impressive writing and illustrations, 12tone’s unique videos blur the lines between music theory and cultural analysis.

The channel delves into theoretical oddities like the octatonic scale and more practical topics like good songwriting.


Preview of youtube video

We’re biased when it comes to this one but we’re incredibly proud of what’s happening over at the LANDR Youtube channel.

Hosts Isabel, Peggy, Anthony and Johnny break down basic concepts in music to help you learn new techniques and beat creative blocks.

It’s helpful content meant to feel fun and accessible to producers of all skill levels.

8-bit Music Theory

Preview of youtube video

Everyone loves a little retro-gaming nostalgia. But one of best things about the early gaming era was its unforgettable music.

In fact, learning about video game music is a great way to work on your theory fundamentals while revisiting classic games that are still fun to play today.

Best music gear Youtube channel

Most musicians spend at least some of their time checking out cool gear online.

But for some Youtube creators, covering old and new gear releases with demos, reviews and commentary is a full-time job

Here are a few great channels that deal with all things music gear.

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The JHS Show

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Boutique pedal builder Josh Scott is the obsessive gearhead behind The JHS Show Youtube channel.

Scott and the JHS team’s content is witty and sardonic with plenty of in-jokes and funny callbacks.

But what’s really on display here is the gear—from primers on how to use basic effects to showcases of some of the rarest stompboxes ever made, the JHS show is a joy if you love guitar gear.

Ricky Tinez

Preview of youtube video

There are endless ways to create electronic music. But Youtuber Ricky Tinez highlights some of the most inspiring methods to work with real hardware on his channel.

From synths to sequencers, effects and modular gear, Tinez reviews some of the hottest electronic music production equipment in real world scenarios.

There are plenty of helpful tips and tricks and the channel has a loose, intimate atmosphere that’s fun to watch even when you’re not gear shopping.


Preview of youtube video

Today’s music equipment comes packed with powerful features.

New releases can be hard to fully understand—especially when it comes to complicated hardware like synths and grooveboxes.

That’s where the Loopop Youtube channel comes in. If you’re looking for reviews that take you deep into every single feature of a new piece of gear, this is the channel for you.

Loopop features long-form videos that explain the technical capabilities and creative applications of the best new gear, with a relaxed and calming tone.


Preview of youtube video

Reverb is the largest dedicated marketplace for used gear online.

It’s a great platform for buying and selling, but they also produce excellent original content on the Reverb Youtube channel.

You’ll find gear demos, mixing tutorials, video essays and even live shows on the popular brand channel.

Best music production Youtube channel

Mixing, mastering, using a DAW and working with samples all fall under music production.

There are countless channels offering tutorials, but here are a few of our favorite creators covering the topic:

The House of Kush

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Gregory Scott of Kush Audio is a celebrated designer of high-end studio gear.

But he’s also an expert mix engineer with lots of helpful advice to give. On his channel, Scott gives unconventional mixing tips in a straightforward talking head style.

His ideas might change how you think about mixing!

Andrew Huang

Preview of youtube video

Andrew Huang is another big name in music production Youtube.

His channel covers gear, production techniques, inspiration and just about everything else related to making music.

There’s plenty of helpful tips, gear recommendations and inspiring production techniques to be found on his page.

Creative Sound Lab

Preview of youtube video

Ryan Earnhardt hosts this informative channel about recording techniques.

His videos are great for brushing up on the fundamentals as well as interesting sonic experiments like using a garden hose to make reverb!

Best music vlogs and video essays

Many of the best music Youtube channels don’t fall into a category.

These are the vlogs, the video essays and the unique formats of the music Youtube world.

There’s probably too many in this category to list, but here are a few notable mentions.

Rick Beato

Preview of youtube video

Rick Beato is a passionate and opinionated music Youtuber with years of experience under his belt.

His popular song breakdowns and sometimes controversial takes on music production trends have earned him a handful of viral hits and a huge catalogue of popular videos.

Mary Spender

Preview of youtube video

Mary Spender is a guitarist and songwriter with a fun and informative vlog- style Youtube channel.

From the basics of guitar tone and technique to stunts like writing John Mayer’s 2021 single, Spender’s intimate style has attracted millions of views.

Unlimited mastering & distribution, 1200 royalty-free samples, 30+ plugins and more! <a href="">Get everything LANDR has to offer with LANDR Studio.</a>

Unlimited mastering & distribution, 1200 royalty-free samples, 30+ plugins and more! Get everything LANDR has to offer with LANDR Studio.


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Composer and UI designer Martin Keary has a unique presence on Youtube with Tantacrul.

The channel features a loose collection of topics related to music composition and software design.

The videos are funny, well-researched and full of engaging topics and opinions.

Some efforts even verge into the surreal thanks to Keary’s clever editing skills.

Cool videos about music

No producer can spend 100% of their time creating. But checking out cool videos on your off-time can help you build-up inspiration for the next time you hit the studio.

If you’ve made it through this article you’ll have a great start for the best music Youtube channels to watch.


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