10 Great Black Friday 2020 Deals for Musicians

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10 Great Black Friday 2020 Deals for Musicians

Black Friday is a big day for finding deals and upgrading your music production setup.

That’s because it’s your best opportunity to find great deals on the hardware, plugins and DAWs you’ve been drooling over all year.

This year is an especially big year for online sales, so many audio companies are putting up great deals right now it’s almost dizzying.

Here’s 10 Black Friday deals we think are worth your attention.

1. LANDR Mastering is 35% off


This is the best price you’ll get on LANDR Mastering all year so don’t miss this opportunity.

Treat yourself to pro sound and get LANDR Mastering for your tracks.

Mastering your tracks really matters—add polish, make your tracks louder and get pro-sounding masters with the best AI-mastering tools available.

2. Shure Microphones Holiday Sale


Even if you don’t know anything about music, you probably know what a Shure mic is.

Their classic SM57 microphone is used absolutely everywhere.

Right now Shure has a great holiday sale going on, you’ll find great deals on several mics and audio production gear.

My personal favorite deal is their Drum Mic’ing Kit that includes an SM52 and three SM57s.

Currently, it’s marked down by $50 USD.

3. LANDR Distribution is 35% off


LANDR Distribution is the best way to get your tracks on Spotify, Apple Music and all the streaming platforms that matter.

With unlimited LANDR Distribution, you can put as many tracks as you want on streaming platforms that pay you.

These prices are only around right now, so check out the deal now.

4. Waves Audio Black Friday Deals


Waves deeply discounts many of its plugins around Black Friday.

Different plugins will go on sale over the next few weeks. You’ll find some plugins for up to 90% off.

If there’s a Waves Plugin that’s been on your radar, keep your eye on their website for a good deal.

Hot tip: On Friday, November 27th Waves’ legendary Chris Lord Alge Vocals plugin will be free to download!

5. 50% Off Arturia V Collection


We’ve talked about how great the Arturia V Collection is in past posts about the best VST Instruments.

With dozens of digital recreations of vintage synths like the CS-80 and the ARP 2600, you’ll have access to unforgettable, iconic sounds.

Don’t miss your chance to get this incredible library of vintage synth VSTs at a really good price.

6. $399 USD Off Ableton Push 2


Change your music production workflow in 2021 with a new DAW and new DAW hardware.

We’ve explained in other posts why the Ableton Push 2 is the best DAW controller available right now.

It’s so well integrated with Ableton, you can use the entire software suite without looking at a screen.

It’s so well integrated with Ableton, you can use the entire software suite without looking at a screen.

There’s two reasons why Ableton Push 2 is worth buying this week. One, it’s on sale and two—it comes with a copy of Ableton Live 11, the new DAW that launched earlier this month.

7. AKG Headphones


Pro-quality headphones are a must if you don’t have an acoustically treated mixing room with pro audio monitors and a ton of gear.

Mixing headphones keep your EQ very flat, so you know where to boost and cut different frequencies.

If mixing headphones are on your wishlist, you’ll find some great prices from AKG right now.

8. $80 USD off Squire Jazz Basses


The Fender Jazz Bass is a legendary bass design that’s been used by countless artists.

Right now you can get a great deal on Squire Jazz Basses.

If you’re looking for an excellent starter bass guitar, the Squire brand (which is owned by Fender) is an excellent place to look.

9. 20 Years of Reason Free Goodie Bag


Here’s a nice freebie from Reason!

In celebration of Reason’s 20th anniversary, they’ve released a goodie bag full of free plugins.

There’s a lot to check out, so see what they have to offer and dive into some new plugins!

10. Soundtoys Black Friday sale


Soundtoys is another plugin developer that deeply discounts its plugins around Black Friday.

There’s so many deals on their website—some plugins are marked down by up to 90%.

If you’ve had a Soundtoys plugin on your mind, right now is a good time to get a good deal.

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