7 Great Black Friday 2023 Music Deals for Musicians

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Every year producers and musicians know that special music gear deals come around for Black Friday.

Just like any other year, the end of 2023 is shaping up to be a great time to shop for new gear, plugins, software and more.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just laying down your first track, these deals are tuned to get your studio buzzing without emptying your wallet.

So, let’s dive into the top Black Friday music gear deals for musicians that will have you singing high notes without the high costs.

1. 50% off LANDR Studio Pro

Here's everything that LANDR Studio has to offer.

Let’s kick things off with LANDR Studio Pro at 50% off. This isn’t just a deal; it’s a treasure trove of production potential.

LANDR Studio Pro offers a suite of tools that includes everything you need to write, produce, finish and release music.

You get the brand new LANDR Mastering Plugin, an additional 30+ professional plugins from brand name developers, Ableton Live Lite, unlimited music distribution, royalty-free samples, online music courses and more!

It’s like having every music production tool you need in one simple subscription.

Ensure your tracks hit all the right notes, from the first beat to the final master to release day with LANDR Studio Pro.

2. 30% of select Fender guitars and gear

Fender’s slashing prices by up to 30% on some items is music to our ears.

Why? Because Fender isn’t just a brand; it’s a legacy that echoes through every chord.

Whether it’s a Stratocaster or a Precision Bass, a Fender instrument brings that classic sound that’s been the backbone of countless hits.

It’s not just about the discount; it’s about owning a piece of musical history that will inspire your riffs and solos for years to come.

2. Up to 50% off VocAlign, RePitch and Revoice Pro

Here's a break down of what VocAlign Ultra can do!

Here's a break down of what VocAlign Ultra can do!

For producers dedicated to the craft of vocal perfection, the 50% sale on VocAlign, RePitch, and Revoice Pro is an opportunity not to be overlooked.

VocAlign is the industry standard for aligning vocal tracks with unparalleled precision, saving you tons of time in the studio by producing tight and cohesive vocal performances in seconds.

RePitch offers sophisticated pitch correction, providing seamless and natural-sounding vocal tuning tools.

Revoice Pro is a comprehensive solution for vocal timing, doubling and pitch correction that combines everything that’s great about VocAlign and RePitch into a standalone app with additional control over every aspect of vocal editing.

That means you can use it to make speedy, intricate adjustments to pitch, tone and timing across multiple vocal layers.

These tools are indispensable for producers aiming to cut down on time spent manually adjusting vocals while producing flawless vocal tracks in their mixes.

Don’t miss this sale, these prices won’t last!

4. Early Black Friday deals on Sweetwater

Sweetwater isn’t just offering deals—they’re serving up a diverse buffet of gear that can satisfy any music production appetite.

From microphones to mixers, interfaces to instruments, Sweetwater’s Black Friday deals are your ticket to upgrading your setup without tapping into your funds.

It’s the perfect time to fill those gaps in your studio with the gear that will elevate your sound and workflow.

So keep an eye out for early Black Friday deals on the company’s Black Friday sale page

5. Guitar Center

Guitar Center’s Black Friday deals are like hitting the perfect chord. Take the Fender Player Stratocaster HSS Plus Top for example.

This isn’t just a guitar; it’s a statement. With its versatile HSS pickup configuration, you can dial in tones from crisp highs to growling lows—perfect for laying down tracks that cut through the mix or providing a warm blanket of rhythm.

And for those looking to capture crystal-clear recordings, the Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 USB Audio Interface (Gen 3) at Guitar Center is a steal.

An interface affects everything in your signal chain, making this deal a cornerstone for building a solid home studio setup.

6. 25% off LANDR Mastering Plugin

Here's what LANDR Mastering Plugin is capable of.

Here's what LANDR Mastering Plugin is capable of.

For producers and audio engineers looking to refine their tracks to a professional sheen, the brand new LANDR Mastering Plugin at a 25% discount offers a great chance to add a supercharged plugin to your workflow.

This plugin brings sophisticated AI-mastering styles directly into your digital audio workstation, providing a streamlined and intuitive mastering process.

Apply subtle nuances or broad strokes to your mixes, or fine tune with dedicated EQ, dynamics, and stereo widening controls.

The LANDR Mastering Plugin is an asset for achieving a polished and commercially viable sound, so don’t miss out on this rare sale!

7. Reverb seller markdowns

When it comes to Black Friday, Reverb really plays it up with discounts that’ll have you fine-tuning your wish list.

Imagine a symphony of deals across a variety of categories. You might find electric and acoustic guitars with a vintage flair or modern edge at prices that sing.

Boutique amps that bring the warmth of tubes might be within reach without the usual financial static.

And let’s not overlook the effects pedals, which could be up for grabs at rates that won’t distort your budget.

From essential accessories to dream gear, Reverb’s Black Friday could be your ticket to a holiday filled with harmony and savings.

Keep an eye on their holiday deals and be ready to strum up some savings!

These Black Friday music gear deals won’t last!

Black Friday sales only come around once a year, so it’s safe to say these prices won’t be around for long.

And remember, it’s about more than just snagging a discount—it’s about investing in your music, your passion, and your future hits.

Keep creating, keep producing, and let’s make some noise this Black Friday!

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