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  1. Mathias

    Good read! Very inspiring. Now I know what to do when having a creative standstill.

  2. Paper City Exile

    Refreshing read with some practical strategies.

  3. Sergio Marcio

    Perfect! :)

  4. marverouge

    i like

  5. Anonymous

    Nice…Maybe I name my next Track “Musikalisches Würfelspiel”

  6. Larry

    I like the unexpected “ghost parts” that emerge in a mix, sometimes.
    No instrument actually plays the part, it magically develops between multiple parts.
    I collect off the wall percussion instruments.
    I like random percussion added to tracks to add flavor.

  7. Jizzy

    The inclusion of environmental sounds y’all mentioned makes music natural

    • Anonymous

      agreed on using uncommon elements and originality in music. But randomness is too random when your song gets messed up by it. one just can’t throw in ‘whatever ‘ idea that comes to ones mind in a song, and still be assured of the satisfying result

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