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  1. Allen Lind

    Thanks LANDR for your commitment to continuously improving. As an “early adopter” user, I’ve been using and providing feedback of LANDR from the beginning and I’ve have been impressed over and over with each new release how much better LANDR keeps getting. For me, a small studio owner, musician, music creator and producer primarily of rock music and one who until LANDR came to be, had to really struggle with a self-mastering process on my own because of the cost protectiveness of hiring a real qualified mastering engineer for my many projects, LANDR simply fills the mastering gap PERFECTLY for my needs. If my mix is great, then the LANDR master is also great and takes my mix to the next level where is belongs. That is one thing I need to point out and this is not a bad thing which, again, is that LANDR will take a great mix and make a great master for it. It does not perform miracles but if as a mix engineer, you know what you’re doing LANDR is awesome and at this point in my place in the music biz and my situation, I cannot live without it anymore!! There are still plenty of haters but also with the help of major people like Dave Pensadso (Pensado’s Place) and other well placed endorsements, their voices are getting shut down. Thanks for the new version (Lydian). It sounds better than ever! Keep up the great work!

  2. Michael

    Really happy to hear that! I use LANDR for many genres — EDM to folk music. Last week, I mix something quickly at the restaurant, during my lunch time, to listen my mix after, in my car, just before I go to a recording session at night. That a good way to keep the ball rolling and have a quick mastering as reference before sessions.

    The fact you improved the treatment for acoustic instruments is a big upgrade for me. Keep on rockin’ guys!

  3. Matt Landry

    Love the new masters with Lydian. They sound soooooo much better than just a few months back. 4 months ago I A/Bd them against another online mastering company and went with the other company. NOW the LANDR masters are blowing that “other company” out of the water. It makes me want to remaster my last album using LANDR.

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Matt!

      We’re so happy to hear that! We love you and your music too!

      Feel free to reach out any time if there’s anything we can help with. We’ve got your back! (and if you just finished new tracks that back certainly deserves a pat).

      Thanks for the feedback and happy re-mastering ;)


  4. Juan José Gómez Montes

    You’re big, I’ve met you late.

  5. Benjamin Bubb

    Really cool! I happened to master my new album right before the new engine came out last week, so I’ve not had a chance to try it on a full track. The new engine sounded great with a 30-second sample, though. Keep up the great work, your mastering service is awesome!

  6. Craig Spector

    Hi Guys,

    I discovered LANDR about six months ago and have been using it to master tracks as I work on my new album; however, I have been planning on upgrading my plan and remastering before completion of the project. The tracks range from very acoustic to full band. Q. Is Lydian now a part of the LANDR mastering process (meaning, anything extra I have to do, click on, etc.)?


    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Craig,

      Great to hear that you’re almost done a project! Always a nice feeling…

      To answer your question, Lydian is absolutely part of the mastering process now. Anything you upload will be mastered using Lydian — no extra clicks needed.
      Sounds like it’ll work great for the variations in your project too :).

      So feel free to go ahead and upgrade before finishing your project.

      Don’t hesitate to reach out any time if there’s anything else I can do to help.

      Good luck with the rest of your new album and happy mastering!


  7. Michael Veitch

    Hey Craig,

    I just mastered another Landr project 4 weeks ago. (I’ve done a few) Wish I had been given a heads up you were coming out with a whole new system as I would have waited for it. Can you give us a break on remastering with the new updates?


    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Michael,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Happy to hear that you’ve been mastering with LANDR.

      We’d love for you to be able to master your project with the Lydian update. I’m gonna direct you to our helpful and friendly support department. Just email them your scenario and they’ll get you sorted out in no time flat!



  8. Joey Ricketts

    I’ve tried every program over the years to try and get a quality sounding Mix, If the Volumes too high then it sounds slightly distorted if it’s too low it doesn’t sound punchy enough, Landr is my one stop shop for Mastering a Vocal House Mix and I get to choose from three different Intensity Levels.
    I find the Mastering fee for a high Intensity option money well spent, My philosophy is I’ve spent big bucks on my DJ Equipment why wouldn’t I spend a small fee on a great sounding Mix!!

  9. Nathan R McGuire

    So do I bounce a project to LANDR, or do i export each separate track in a project?

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Nathan,

      Thanks for getting in touch! Happy to hear that you’re using LANDR.

      To answer your question: bounce your whole project and upload it to LANDR. LANDR supports all kinds of formats, but to get the best LANDR master we recommend WAV or AIFF format.

      Hope this helps :) let me know if there’s anything else I can assist with.

      Happy mastering.


  10. Gregg Shively

    singer/songwriter, NOT a computer guy … if I create in my home studio a mix with say, 5 or 6 tracks that are individual wave files (including vocal), how would I go about sending those tracks to ‘LANDR’ for mastering? Thanks and blessings on ya, Gregg <

    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Gregg,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m happy to help with your question :)

      You don’t need to upload each individual track. Instead, bounce your entire project from your DAW in either WAV or AIFF. Then, upload that file to LANDR and boom! Mastering magic.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help out, and Happy Mastering!


  11. RYAN

    This shit is awesome!




  13. timothy marrow

    This was my first time using LANDR. I was recently contacted by a label overseas that wants to licence s don’t I did 20 years ago. The song is still getting in the US. Now with the mastering from LANDR the song sounds even better than ever. Now. I’m going to re master all of my tracks.

  14. Phillip Lanos

    Loving this future of music stuff! :)
    What’s the word on AI Mixing of tracks? I’ve seen the research of the work you did at the University of London. Any beta testing possible?

  15. Stanley

    Hey Rory, thanks for the update. I live in Ghana and we do not have the credit card culture here. How do I make payment so I can use your best monthly service..

    I hear the best monthly service is $39. Is that right?

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