The 8 Best Music Charities to Support This Giving Tuesday

The 8 Best Music Charities to Support This Giving Tuesday

Music charities are an excellent choice for charitable giving in 2023.

From groups that support underrepresented communities to educational institutions and more, these organizations create meaningful change for their beneficiaries.

But if you’re looking to support one this Giving Tuesday, you probably need to know what’s out there before you make your choice.

In this article, I’ll offer a list of notable music charities where your donations can make a difference for musicians and artists.

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1. MusiCares

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The music industry is known to put enormous strain on performers’ mental health.

With all the challenges associated with touring and the uncertainty of life as an artist, struggles with depression, anxiety and addiction are all too common.

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences established MusiCares in 1989 to help musicians deal with these challenges. Its mission is to provide critical resources for health and wellbeing for artists and other industry professionals.

To date, the organization has made a wide-reaching impact by increasing access to life-saving mental health services and other important interventions.

2. Fender Play Foundation

Music education can enrich lives and create important opportunities for young people.

But not all students have equal access to instruments and quality instruction.

The Fender Play Foundation aims to provide vulnerable communities with the resources they need to begin as musicians.

From equipping youth with instruments, teaching tools and other gear to education and activities, Fender Play Foundation’s mission is to inspire the next generation of musicians.

3. Girls Rock Camp Alliance


Rock camp programs aimed at empowering girls through music have sprung up in cities around the world.

These organizations help build self-esteem and leadership skills among girls and gender-expansive youth through music education and performance.

The Girls Rock Camp Alliance serves as a central hub to provide resources and support to local organizations. Even if there isn’t a Girls Rock Camp chapter in your community, donating to the Alliance is a fantastic way to support its initiatives worldwide.

By facilitating workshops and camps that cover a variety of musical genres and instruments, they create an inclusive community that aims to boost representation and acceptance.

4. Sweet Relief Musicians Fund

For musicians facing illness, disability, or age-related problems, Sweet Relief Musicians Fund provides a safety net.

This music charity offers financial assistance to professional musicians struggling with medical expenses, housing, and other vital living costs.

Their support ensures that artists can continue to live with dignity as they face health-related challenges.

5. The Roots of Music


Based in New Orleans, The Roots of Music fills a gap in music education programs for youth. This organization targets children aged 9-14, offering free music education, academic support, and mentorship.

They not only teach music skills but also provide a safe environment that instills discipline, teamwork, and pride in cultural heritage.

6. Nordoff Robbins


Nordoff Robbins is a unique music charity. The UK-based organization uses music therapy to improve quality of life for people struggling with emotional, cognitive, or physical challenges.

They serve communities that might not otherwise get access to this type of therapy.

It’s an excellent option to support if you believe in the healing power of music.

7. Save the Music Foundation


This nonprofit is dedicated to helping schools revive and maintain their music programs. With non-essential courses like music usually first to be cut from strained school budgets, its mission is to keep music instruction in place where it’s needed most.

Save the Music partners with public school districts, providing grants for musical instruments, technology, and resources necessary to sustain these educational music programs.

Their goal is to ensure that every child has access to music education, regardless of socioeconomic status.

8. Musicians Foundation


Since 1914, the Musicians Foundation has been supporting professional musicians in times of need.

This organization offers financial assistance to musicians who are facing personal, medical, or financial crises.

By providing this support, the Musicians Foundation helps these artists maintain their livelihood and continue their contributions to the cultural landscape.

The spirit of giving

Music charities play a vital role in supporting the arts and artists, from fostering new talent to assisting established musicians in times of need.

This holiday season, consider donating to these organizations to ensure that the music keeps playing for everyone.

Your contributions can make a significant difference in the lives of artists, students, and communities, fostering a world where music continues to thrive and enrich lives.


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