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  1. dale

    How compatable is Landr with sent Garageband tracks? They say GB doesn’t need much Mastering,is this true?

    • Rory Seydel

      Hey, totally compatible with GB. The reality is that all DAWS create the same output at the end of the day.
      Mastering takes care of the same problems in GB same as it would in Pro-tools. Hope this helps

  2. David

    Jumps out at you Like a PETE-TONG Essential-Selection Radio-Playlist Track!

  3. Matt

    No metal?

  4. Cornelius Johnson

    I’m very impressed with how well the mastered versions sound they are really brought to the forefront and still have the depth in them and I took mastering Recording graduate MTSU.

  5. Kingsley

    Hi..Im wondering if you guys have ever done a mastring on reggea tunes?

  6. ncrstudio

    this was a huge eye opener for me…I’ve been mastering for quite a while now and what LandR is pulling off here takes me an hour or more per song to do…this thing could seriously change the game for me at ncrstudio. I’ve been putting off using it, but this clearly shows me that I’m only hurting myself by NOT trying it on a real project. This little “show and tell” of yours has convinced me that my next mastering job has got to go through LandR…no more excuses :-)

  7. Zeb

    Learning it`s a pain but really appreciate everything I learnt since started with Landr. Looking forward to work all my master through Landr until something better comes out

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