1. Loretta J.

    I’m reading all the blogs. Just getting started but thank you for being a source to master online without having to chase studios to do it. I’m hooked.

  2. Chris W.

    One thing we repeat.to fix the mix is burn it to CD. Then take it to other places to listen to. Note what you would change. Go back and change. Then repeat.

  3. mark konemann

    Thats great advice i mastered one song 2 times mixed differently and noticed on one mix the hammond stood out more where i wanted it , then i read this blog about using mastering as a test pilot – yes i recommend it.
    but,obviously make sure your mix is in the ball park first.
    reading others comments and experiences add to the learning process of becoming even better.

  4. Hugo

    Fortunately, I came across this advice and it has improved my productions immensely!

  5. Anonymous

    Great stuff. It’s really helpful, Thanks! ;-)

  6. Anonymous

    I feel like your my friend and I didn’t ask you to be. So thanks for checking in. Landr is fatter stuff for sure. I compare my tracks to master musicians. It makes my ego humble. I used to judge my piano playing by how fast my cat ran out of the room. If a clown can keep a baby’s attention for more than 5 seconds then the clown is a genius. Keep up the good work.

  7. Anonymous

    I find LANDR the best source for your mixes of any other online services. I have a free account and they are brilliant with this. I had one little problem i told them of and they were so on it. A free account and they were most helpful to me. I was very impressed. Their Mastering is for me the best out there to get some sort of an idea where your mix is afterwards. I certainly look forward to this facility and thank you all at LANDR for being there. I would most certainly recommend LANDR.

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