The 10 Best Music Gear and Artist Combos

The 10 Best Music Gear and Artist Combos

Sometimes you play the gear. And sometimes the gear plays you.

Live gear setups rule. It’s the first thing I check when I get to a show.

Most times it’s an artist’s best MIDI controller and a laptop. Other times it’s a big beautiful pile of wires and boxes. No matter what it’s exciting to look.

I’m not much of a dancer (someone call the fun police!). To be honest I’d much rather watch how artists wield their gear onstage.

One thing I’ve noticed from my hours of wall-flowering is that gear can steal the show. It overshadows whoever’s playing it. The gear seems like it’s playing the artist.

Don’t get me wrong. It takes talent to do it. But sometimes the gear just shines a bit harder. It’s rare but incredible.

Here’s 10 times gear was way more interesting than the artists playing it.

Radiohead - National Anthem Feat. the Ondes Martenot French Connection

Rory Seydel

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