7 Women in Music Offer Tips for Thriving in the Industry

7 Women in Music Offer Tips for Thriving in the Industry

Women’s History Month is here! So, we thought we’d take a break from our music production posting schedule to shine a light on this important occasion.

In a perfect world, it would go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway… There are so many extraordinary women making incredible music while profoundly impacting the music industry right now.

To celebrate this, we spoke with seven women who have made their mark as producers, singer-songwriters, and recording engineers.

They shared how they found their voices in a male-dominated field and what inspired them to start making music.

Read on for some excellent tips, words of encouragement, and creative inspiration!

Be resourceful and never stop learning

So much music is made within the context of community, whether online or in a local scene.

For any woman who’s just starting out, it can feel all the more intimidating when you’re trying to learn about music production while also struggling to be taken seriously.

Whitney Taber, producer and Director of Brand Partnerships at Girls Make Beats, has some advice for overcoming these feelings.


"You are meant to be there. Don't ever hesitate to ask questions, be the most educated person in the room, and never stop learning." - Whitney Taber

Ultimately, it’s about not getting discouraged or giving up. The best way to do that is to keep on learning and understand that your knowledge gives you power.

Having discovered that learning music production gave her a sense of control over her own narrative as a recording artist, Girls Make Beats founder Tiffany Miranda agrees.


"My advice to young women is to learn as much as you can about your respective field. Knowledge is power, and can often help to break down barriers and stereotypes." - Tiffany Miranda

Women who are getting their start and trying to break into the industry should never feel discouraged from picking up new skills.

There’s so much to learn when it comes to making music. Developing your sound, taste and skills can take a lifetime, according to NYC-based producer, composer, and sound designer So Wylie.


"Music and audio engineering are lifelong pursuits, and nobody knows everything. Don't be afraid to ask questions and be as resourceful as you can." - So Wylie


When you think about it, your decision to become a musician or producer makes the fabric of the music industry that much more diverse.

The good news is that modern technology empowers anyone to make music anywhere, even with limited resources. So don’t shy away from getting started!

As music educator and content creator SEIDS aptly points out, smartphones offer the ability to create music using impressive apps and recording features, and this is helping to level the playing field.


"I would also love to see even more diversity and representation. My personal mission is to make music production more accessible to more people, so I hope to see people from all over the world make more music with the tech they have, like their phones!" - SEIDS


The accessibility of music tools can allow you to better understand what resonates with you and the people who follow your music.

Output is also important—you need to make lots of music.

To producer, engineer, and TikTok star Madeline Robinson, developing as many skills as you can will give you the biggest advantage possible.


"Shoot all of your arrows and see which one sticks. Learn how to record, how to mix, produce vocals...You might not end up doing it all, but you never know where your opportunities will come from. You never know what you'll end up loving." - Madeline Robinson

Be confident in your voice and say what you need to say

According to a ten year study conducted by USC Annenberg examining 1,000 songs on Billboard‘s Hot 100 Year-End Chart, women are vastly underrepresented in the music creation process within the industry. 

The study found that even as recently as 2022 just 14% of song-writers, and 3.4% of producers were women.

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With so little representation, women who are starting out in music production can often feel isolated, and may struggle to articulate their thoughts.

For KARRA, who produces music and learning content for her social media audience, addressing these assumptions is key for finding both your confidence and voice.


"Do the inner work. As women, we don't realize that we’ve been subconsciously programmed to shrink ourselves, stay quiet, and serve others. I challenge you to face those projections head on so that you realize how powerful and capable you actually are." - KARRA


It’s important to stay determined while consciously pushing away doubts and reminding yourself not to worry about others’ opinions.

So Wylie highlights this by pointing out that what matters most is being true to yourself and your goals as a music creator.


"Being a woman in music production means trying to trick yourself into not worrying about what others think of you, while also carrying a healthy determination to prove yourself." - So Wylie

Tiffany Miranda agrees, saying that women should keep an open mind and avoid limiting themselves.


"People can tend to try to box you in, but know that the only limits you have are the ones you accept!" - Tiffany Miranda

A major takeaway from all of these insights is that if you’re inspired to make music, it’s for a reason.

Whitney Taber sums it up best.


"Remember, there is not one person or opportunity that can make or break you because you are you. Keep pushing forward and pursuing your dreams!" - Whitney Taber

Find inspiration and put in the work

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Learning to make great music is a daily pursuit, and there’s no reason not to push your music forward and learn new skills every day.


"Anyone can make music. Instead of going home to casually watch Netflix, you can casually make a beat, just to have fun and unwind!" - SEIDS

For ANJXLXE, who writes and performs soul and R&B music in Montreal, finding success is only worth it if you can stay grounded and true to your roots.


"I'm deeply inspired by individuals who have transformed their passions into successful careers while maintaining humility. Their ability to achieve great success without losing touch with their roots serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of staying grounded." - ANJXLXE

Ultimately, the best source of inspiration comes from within, says ANJXLXE.


"Believe in yourself and your talent. Make sure your intentions are clear and trust your gut feelings. Always stay true to yourself! There's a place for everyone ;)" - ANJXLXE

Thank you to the inspiring women who shared their thoughts with us!

We’re so grateful to work with amazing women producers, songwriters and engineers.

Thanks to SEIDS, So Wylie, Tiffany Miranda, ANJXLXE, KARRA, Whitney Taber and Madeline Robinson.


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