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  1. greg Eastwood

    Thanx Scott and Landr…..I am amazed ! But i have some studying to do.the requirements set by the publishers to be able to give them my songs was I think a lossless 16 bit 44.1 khz or 48 khz format .

    • Anonymous

      Very helpful.

    • Rick cowie

      Thanks ,very enlighting

  2. Paul

    Love the blog, always has extremely insightful tips that always make my mixes turn out a little nicer!
    Thanks Landr

  3. Anonymous

    Always wondered about this though often if I pan something too hard it makes the mix sound uneven so I tend to leave something in the centre a bit quieter which seems to work..

  4. Anonymous

    A lot of Beatles tracks are really good examples of panning can bring to a track.

  5. Tim Constable

    Good advice summary Scott. The only thing I would emphasize is yes, use headphones to check the pan of your mix, but NOT to do the final mix – mixing through headphones is usually disastrous! At the most, a few small tweaks, if there are any sounds which sound out of place through headphones.

  6. prabhu

    What a coincidence….. Was looking for this article in Google….. Well explained…. \m/

  7. Anonymous

    Some cool wee tips there.thanks..

  8. Rick cowie

    Learned something today thankyou

  9. Scott Wood

    Wow. Love the write up. Will start using in my first song ever :)

  10. Mpumezi

    That’s Scott you the best i’ve learned alot now i’m still going ti continue learning from you

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