How to Turn Bedroom Beats Into a Career With xSDTRK


Yonatan Ayal is a kid at heart. Which might surprise you, given his level of success.

His drive has led him to success as both a solo artist (xSDTRK) and a producer/writer for huge names in the industry — like Jennifer Lopez, Usher and Skrillex. But his start was no different than any other bedroom producer trying to make it. So, how did an Ethiopian kid from Montreal start making waves in the L.A. music scene?

Rory: Hey Yoni. So Let’s start off with some background stuff. Who are you?

Yonatan: Who am I… Well I’m a kid from Montreal. That’s a tough question. At the root of it I’m an Ethiopian kid from Montreal, that’s who I am.

R: And what brought you to music, what role does it play in your life?

Y: My father got me into music when I wasn’t even conscious enough to make a decision. I’ve been doing it since I could push the ivory keys down.

I’ve been doing it since I could push the ivory keys down.

R: And now you split your time between Montreal and LA?

Y: Yeah for the most part. I’ve spent the past year or two in LA. 75% of my time is there. I plan on doing that until at least 2017. Then I’m gonna decide what I wanna do.

R: So you’ve been writing with some big names. Like Jack Ü, Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea?

Rory Seydel

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