1. Red Mastering Studio

    Cool little article!
    I am very glad you mentioned my real masters – Berlin;s Dubplates. What those lads do with the sound is real magic, this is pure art.

  2. Peter Burns

    What! No John Dent at Loud! Mastering?

    • Anonymous

      Yes !!!

  3. Don Nguyen

    Hi, some one please give a good audio mastering service with a cheap price, since there are too many out there.



    • Scott Parsons

      Hey Don,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I get your problem. It’s actually why we built LANDR: to give good and affordable mastered sound to everyone. :)

      Thanks again for sharing.


  4. Bobby Weinberg

    Nice article. With all the earbuds sticking in people’s ears I hope that the future listeners of the world will be able to hear some of the great mastering of the aforementioned engineers

  5. Matt

    I trust you guys.
    I want the best basically;)
    and ppl who understand our sound!
    cheers, matt
    casual friday

  6. sanjay mahadeo dhoble

    let me know your requirment for file and format before mastering.
    your charges /song
    And how to send our project

  7. Vinnie Castaldo

    Herb Powers and PM mastering should be on the list. Legendary mastering engineer.

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