10 Bizarre Musical Instruments that Prove Workflow is Everything

10 Bizarre Musical Instruments that Prove Workflow is Everything

What’s the definition of ‘instrument?’ Well, in music everyone has their own definition. That’s why the sounds we hear and make are so diverse.

In order to keep making new noise, we have to continue creating new noise makers. These days a MIDI controller can be anything. And it’s great.

But sometimes you have to think outside the gear.

They may seem strange, but these instruments are all proof that workflow, and the tools you use, are everything when it comes to making music.

Here’s 10 pieces of gear that are defined by the workflows of the creators who use them.

Vangelis – Custom MIDI Rig

It’s easy to mistake this clip for a scene from a Ridley Scott sci-fi movie. But believe it or not, this is actually Vangelis’ custom MIDI studio setup.

The full setup is (thankfully) explained in full here. Vangelis’ rig shows that as your own process evolves, your gear should evolve along with it.

What you keep in your studio should allow you to get your ideas out in the easiest, fastest and best way possible.

Vangelis still uses this setup today. In fact, he even used it on his production work with GZA. Ridiculous.

Watch below and find out what a setup looks like after decades of perfecting:

Björk – The Gameleste

So you really love two instruments. But you can’t decide which one to use on your record.

The solution? Build an instrument that mashes both of them together. That’s what Björk did with the “Gameleste.” It’s a Gamelan and a Celeste in one unit.

The solution? Build an instrument that mashes both of them together.

Björk’s vision is ambitious but it’s a concept that you should use on a smaller scale in your own productions. The perfect sound is out there. It’s just waiting to be built.

Watch the Gameleste come to life below:

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