Staff Picks: 8 LANDR Distribution Artists We Loved in August

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Staff Picks: 8 LANDR Distribution Artists We Loved in August

Thousands of artists trust LANDR Distribution to get their tracks on streaming platforms worldwide. But did you know we listen to every single submission? In this series, we highlight some of the incredible musical talent that comes through our distribution community.

In this inaugural edition of Staff Picks we’ve selected a handful of artists we loved this month from a variety of genres and locales.

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You’ll find everything from Kenyan ambient field recording collages, underground Brooklyn hip-hop, to Irish new wave.

It’s a handpicked collection of up-and-coming independent artists made with love by our staff.

1. NewDad – Cry


Irish alt-rockers NewDad bring a bouncy nostalgic take on 90s alt-pop with their latest single “Cry”.

The shimmering guitars and dreamy synth pads couple nicely with vocalist Julie Dawson’s wistful lyrics and low-key delivery.

It’s the perfect anthem for the dog days of summer as the days shorten, summer romances mature and the fall semester looms.

Sounds like: The Cure, Cocteau Twins

2. Amparo – Amelia


Next up is “Amelia” from ambient guitar producer Amparo.

Originally from Arizona, Amparo relocated to Gothenburg Sweden where she works and creates music.

“Amelia” uses minimalism and ambiance to create a rainy day vibe. The bright guitars in her track create that feeling you get when the sun peeks through the clouds after a big storm.

The instrumental track is a comforting and meditative piece that ambient guitar lovers should check out.

Sounds like: Beach Fossils, The Album Leaf

3. 8BIT WIZRD – Nice Reflexes!


8BIT WIZRD is a Denton, Texas-based shoegaze lo-fi bedroom pop project.

“Nice Reflexes!” is the standout track from their new album Wake Up.

The track oscillates nicely between a chugging band with sprawling electric guitars and intimate, up-close lyrics sung over acoustic guitar.

I recommend this track for a sunset drive home from the beach.

Sounds like: Destroyer, Of Montreal

4. Stickz Greenz – Relax


Brooklyn-based rapper Stickz Greenz recently came out with his new track “Relax”.

Stickz leans nicely into both modern trap aesthetics while using some pretty old school drum samples.

His bouncy vocals evoke the sound Atlanta trap, similar in vein to Migos or Travis Scott.

Sounds like: Migos, Travis Scott

5. KMRU – Continual


KMRU is the project of Nairobi-based Joseph Kamaru.

His track “Continual” is a meditative soundscape that collages field recordings of birds and train stations with droning strings, clicking percussion samples and some glitchy high-end.

Somber yet relaxing, it evokes the feeling of waiting for a train to arrive on a hot summer day. Except maybe this train is arriving from an alien spaceport.

Sounds like: Tim Hecker, Oneohtrix Point Never

6. Rachel Fannan – Princess of Swords


“Princess of Swords” is the latest release from Rachel Fannan’s solo project of the same name.

The track starts with a crunchy post-rock tinged guitar build-up that drops into a tasty indie-rock anthem crescendoing into an uplifting string arrangement towards the end.

It’s a stand out release for the indie veteran who’s worked with Sleepy Sun, Pussy Riot and Black Mountain.

Sounds like: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Broken Social Scene

7. Urbanation – “Joyride”


Urbanation is the project of Bay Area-based singer-songwriter Bianca Ocampo.

“Joyride” is the project’s most recent single. It’s a nostalgic and low-key song with bedroom musings about coming of age and learning about love.

Check out this lo-fi indie-folk track that’s meant rainy evenings and wistfully staring out the window.

Sounds like: Phoebe Bridgers, Grouper

8. Barney Bones – Bad Luck/Keep Your Mind


“Bad Luck/Keep Your Mind” is the new bop from California-based Barney Bones.

The single is a shapeshifting medley that starts with a hard-hitting trap verse that suddenly shifts into an emotional breakdown with phasing guitars and pitched down vocals.

Reminiscent of Frank Ocean’s “Nights” or “White Ferrari” for its distinct sections and emotionally charged moments, this bittersweet song will remind you of the bright lights and dark streets of a night out on the town.

Sounds like: Frank Ocean, Roddy Ricch

We love the LANDR community

There’s so much incredible music that passes through our community every single day, that’s why we want to share and amplify the independent creators that come through our doors.

We’re privileged to help artists create music from start to finish–whether it’s finding the perfect sample, getting a pro-quality master or releasing a track for the world to hear.

Thank you for being a part of the LANDR community!




Alex Lavoie

Alex Lavoie is a drummer, music producer, songwriter and marketing professional living in Montreal, Quebec. He works as a staff writer at LANDR by day and writes indie post-punk tunes in his band UTILS while moonlighting as drummer for folk-rock outfit The Painters. Connect with Alex Lavoie on LANDR Network!

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